Michael Bulble?

Have I missed something? Who is this guy? He seems like some kind of Big Band Singer, but I’ve never heard of him and now there are suddenly TV ads all over the place for his latest CD.
Fill me in, please. How many CD’s? How long his career? Where does he perform?


You’ll find out more about him if you spell his name right: B-U-B-L-E.

Here’s his official website, with his discography, some sound files, and general information:

I like big band music, swing, lounge acts, crooners, stuff like that, so I think he’s good. But he strikes me as another Harry Connick Jr.-type for that reason, and I like Harry better.

And John Pizzarelli - who is a smokin’ guitarist and vocalist…

There was a recent PBS special (during those fund-raiser days) on Buble’. Excellent arrangements. Well presented songs.

Buble’ is an interesting hybrid of Sinatra, Michael Feinstein and maybe Chris Penn. His range and vocal power are superior to Connick’s but his showmanship may be a tad less.

Pizzarelli’s range is narrower but he swings better.

Buble’ is most likely to develop a following in the over-20’s under-50’s crowd. That was the audience makeup in that special anyway. They were very appreciative without being crazy. Buble’ is a class A performer for my money.

Nobody will ever eclipse Sinatra, but people like Buble’ along with older guys like Steve Lawrence, Vic Damone, Jack Jones, and maybe a dozen others, will help to keep the Big Band Singer alive. It’s great to have at least one guy who’s trying to make it in that arena.

I bought his Latest Album “Its Time” in September, one single from the album, “Home” has decent air play on the station I listen to. I have really enjoyed this album. Some orignal stuff and some Classics

His work was featured in The Wedding Date, with Debra Messing, and included three tracks, “Home” “Sway” and “Save the Last Dance for Me”

I love the track, “Home.” My mother is still struggling with me joining the military, and for some odd reason, that song has been our link, if you will. A ver pretty song.

Buble is a Canadian who has had quite a good following in Canada for at least 3-4 years. It’s about that long since I bought my first Buble CD. It was produced by David Foster which I think gave quite a boost to his career. He turns up on movie soundtracks fairly commonly now.

Michael Bublé has quite a following in Australia too. His most recent series of concerts at the Opera House sold very well. He’s popular enough to have scored a guest appearance in an episode of the Australian comedy series Kath & Kim.

Michael Penn, I assume? Either that or is their other brother a singer and I’m not aware of it?

He’s also sung in a Starbucks bottled frappuccino commercial, where a gal sees his face on the cover of a magazine, then sips the drink and suddenly starts seeing him everywhere, singing to her. Based on that and the Sinatra/Connick/Michael Penn comparisons, I might have to check him out.

He also recorded a swingin’, lounge-style version of the classic 1967 Spider-Man cartoon theme song for the Spider-Man 2 movie, which didn’t make it onto the soundtrack but was released as a CD single. Since I have performed that song for crowds in the classic crooner-hipster-lounge lizard style myself, that earned Mr. Buble plenty of “cool points” in my book.


This was meant as a kind of joke in that Buble’ resembles (at least to me) a thinned down version of actor Chris Penn, much the way he looked in Eastwood’s Pale Rider. I have a curious habit (shared by my wife thankfully) of seeing other people in almost every face I encounter. I hadn’t seen anything of Buble’ except off-center still photos until that PBS special last month. Several angles of Buble’ reminded me of Chris Penn. That’s all. (He is Sean’s brother and they were in at least one movie together (with Christopher Walken) back in the 80’s called At Close Range).

Speaking of this curious habit, I have yet to identify who it is that Johnny Depp reminded me of in the Charley and the Chocolate Factory movie besides Judge Judy and Carol Channing. I know it has to be somebody else.

BTW, I see from IMDB that Chris is Michael’s brother as well, although I have yet to see Michael Penn. Buble’ may resemble him even more.

Michael Penn is a singer, which is where I thought the comparison was going - vocally, not visually. :slight_smile: I like his music so I’d thought that comparison reflected well on Buble. I’ve seen Chris Penn in a few things, so I knew he was an actor; I was just wondering if he’d started a vocal career as well.

The most likeable thing about Buble is that, while he always wanted to be a singer, he started his working life on his father’s fishing boat. He seems to genuinely believe that he is blessed having a career in music because he knows what hard work is.

Not long ago I saw The Funeral a second time. It has both Chris Penn and Chris Walken as mobsters. I believe Penn sang something in that movie, but I can’t remember being impressed by it. Come to think of it, the only thing musical I can recall Sean doing was the guitar playing (or faking) in * Sweet and Lowdown*. Michael may have the musical talents in that family.

I do that too. I was thinking he looks alot like Michael Deluise (Dom’s son) the half man/half dolphin from Seaquest DSV.

Damn straight!

Now picture a love-child of Chris Penn and Michael DeLuise!

I’ve always considered him the spitting image of Justin Louis , but lately he’s looked more Matt Dillon, too.

Oh, and he’s pretty big here in SA - can’t eat at an Italian restaurant without hearing Buble in the background, it seems.