Michael Jackson 's Triumph ! WTH?

Sure he’s very talented but isn’t there a limit in this society as to how close you can come to being an exposed pedophile and still be lionized by the media and a desired commercial commodity?

I personally don’t think I could listen to any of his new songs without experiencing at least a passing creepy crawly that this is the product of a mind likes to fondle little boys. And please don’t tell me was never “convicted”. A 20 million dollar “keep your mouth shut” payment says more than any dissembling denial ever would.

"Michael Jackson Presents the ‘Invincible’ Album, Record Execs Go Crazy

That collective sigh of relief you heard in midtown Manhattan Tuesday was indeed coming from the Hit Factory recording studio. There, Michael Jackson played fifteen songs from his new album, called Invincible, for Sony Music/Epic Record executives. The album, which hits stores in September, was considered a hit by those who attended. In fact, since Michael owes Sony something like $30 million, the news was better than could have been expected."

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As a modern day philosopher said, “It’s all about the Benjamins”. Hell, why do you think Robert Downey Jr. keeps getting work.

Michael Jackson is an egomaniac. REmember all the hysteria for HIStory, and the video where everyone is orgasming as he unveils a giant statue of himself? And how it bombed?