Michael Jackson (the beer guy) found dead in his London home

No-not the cute little black kid who sang with his brothers, and later morphed into something else. The Michael Jackson who was a world renowned beer critic and author.

As one who read your “Pocket Guide to Beer”, I raise a glass in your honor. Thank you for helping to educate me on the better aspects of the hops and barley food group.

Dude, where do you get your news? He was most famous for directing the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

I am actually sadder at this news than I’d have been if it were the Gloved One who had passed on. I credit Mr. Jackson with much of my appreciation of good brew.

Really? I thought he was the big Australian guy who did commercials for Energizer battiers a few years back.

Damn, Michael Jackson was a great guy. Beer drinkers, brewers and afficinados everywhere will be raising some hops to his memory. Damn, I’m going to put a homebrew in the freezer till it hits the right temperature and toast him right. RIP

I’ve taken the liberty of editing your thread title, so as not to be misleading to the vast majority of readers unfamiliar with the late lamented Michael Jackson. (I also fixed the spelling of Michael.)

Cheers Michael. May your books always continue to help people appreciate beer as an art form!

Damn. It is indeed a great loss for us all.

Time to drink from the Angel’s Share, Mr. Jackson.

Ha, I’m sure he’s where I first heard the term Angel’s Share. Fitting.

Well, damn.

Not that I really *need *an excuse to raise a pint, but at least now I’ve *got *one.

Cheers, Michael!

Was I whooshed or did **dnooman **mistake Michael and Peter there?


You got whooshed.

I remember when a new brew pub opened upsome ten years or so ago. Everyone wanted to work there and everyone rushed to apply. The first question was “Who is Michael Jackson?” I think they immediatley weeded out 95% of the applicants, including me. I guess I’ll hafta get some proper beers on the way home in honor…

Very sorry to hear it.

Definitely a great loss. I will toast his memory and legend tonight in proper fashion with a homebrew and then a Pliny.

Godspeed, Mr. Jackson, and a pint to aid you!

Thanks, Dex. I’d figured the mouseover would dispell any confusion.

The problem with the original title was that too many people would start to celebrate without doing the mouseover first. :smiley:

Cheers, Mr Jackson. I’ll go hunt for something Belgian and obscure in your honor tonight.

Goddammit! That man was my hero.

This is the worst news I’ve had all day.