Michael Jackson to play The Joker in next Batman movie

I made that up, but maybe he should.

Check out this picture:

Don’t be ridiculous. He hasn’t got the pointy nose for it.

All that money they’d save on white makeup would have to go to nose putty. And a green wig.

It’d be the first real dangerous criminal that Batman had faced. So to speak.

Although it may be unfair calling him a criminal at this point, being that he’s not been convicted of anything, but I’ve just got a baaaad feeling that a lot of little kids are getting abused.

Kids? The guy has committed felonious assault to his own face.

Jesus Christ, he looks like a nightmare.

Yeah, real dangerous. About as threatening as Batman’s other archnemesis My Bathrobe. :rolleyes:

I think you mean “Smooth Criminal.”

Batman aside, I think MJ would be far more threatening to the Boy Wonder:)

Well, he wouldn’t need any make up for the role…

you scared me for a moment!

Just what we need … a movie with TWO major pop icons with suspect motivations and associations running around with preteen boys…

Hasn’t anybody checked NAMBLA’s membership roster for these guys’ badges?

I’ve come to believe that Jackson is trying to turn himself into a living anime character. The pointy, tiny nose; the too large eyes; that chin; the microscopically thin lips; the high perched cheeckbones; the lank, straightened hair framing his face (I secretly think it might be a wig); and his frame with all the definition of boiled spaghetti. His skin tone is hard to comment on because of the makeup and the skin disease he has repeatedly claimed to suffer from.

Never mind the Joker, even as a joke, he’d make a great villain in a live action version of Pokemon.

Actually, I think Michael Jackson is a Yuuzhan Vong. (Read Star Wars: The New Jedi Order series)

Good idea, wrong movie. He should be in the next Spider Man movie, and he should play Michael Morbius.

Now that would be creepy.