Batman vs. Samuel L. Jackson

So, who comes out on top? The Dark Knight or the Bad-ass Mother-F***er?

I’ll hold off on my own opinion till I hear some other people’s.

The Dark Knight is the bad-ass motherbleeper.

Just to get it out of the way…

Is Batman prepared?

[Isaac Hayes]
Who’s the white caped crusader
Who could beat the crap outta Darth Vader?
Right on!

What does it say on Batman’s wallet?

Batman may be bad-arse, but Samuel is one mushroom cloud laying motherfucker, motherfucker! When his fingers touch brain, he’s “Superfly TNT,” he’s the “Guns of Navarone.” He’s what Jimmie Walker used to talk about.

I have yet to see a photograph of the two of them together.

Batman has skills. Batman has money. Batman has prep-time. But he STILL hasn’t come up with a soundboard as cool as this.

I’m convinced Jules could put up a better fight than your average assassin, but Samuel L. Jackson hasn’t been that good in a long time.

Vorae. You blaspheme Mace Windu!

Sam Jackson is Mace Windu… James Earl Jones is Vader.

Does Batman get to bring Robin along? If so, then Samuel L. Jackson gets to bring CGI Yoda.

But isn’t Batman there to rescue Indiana Jones? (And Vader is really Mystique in disguise, that’s why Batman can whup his sith-ass!)

(from today’s PVP… ) -me not know how to linketh.

Samuel L Jackson would kill batman.

I know that–I just couldn’t come up with a rhyme for “Windu.”:wink:

Okay, version 1.5:

[Isaac Hayes]
Who’s the white crimefightin’ ace
Who can kick the livin’ crap outta Mace?
Damn straight!

[Isaac Hayes]
Who’s the caped non-Hindu
Who can beat the crap outta Windu?
Damn straight!

Who’s the Knight in the Dark
Who can beat the black dude from Jurassic Park?

Can you dig it?

Who the Dark Night Guy
Who can kiss off your long kiss goodbye?


Dat’s right!

You know that Batman is one mean mother-

Shouldn’t this be Batman vs. Harvey Keitel?