Batman Vs. Wolverine

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So? My vote goes whole-heartedly for Wolverine. We share the same first name. :slight_smile: Although they have about the same coolness factor, Wolverine wins cause he’s hairer!

Spiderman Vs Wolverine

Batman Vs Captain America

Batman Vs Boba Fett

Wolvie Vs Predator
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On a tangent to the tangent, I’ve always thought Batman is harder to believe, since he’s defined as being the best in the world at whatever today’s writer wants him to be (random martial arts, acrobatics, forensic science, microbiology, particle physics, flower-arranging, etc.). Also, since most writers have trouble writing a character smarter than they are, his “brilliance” is more often stated than shown – this is a guy whose main villains have to leave him obvious clues so he can follow them, after all.

I will admit that you have a lot of free time for reading up on superconducting ceramics when you’re an obsessive loony living alone, with a main hobby of wearing long-johns to beat up people, but Brucey simply doesn’t have enough time in his life to have learned all of the things he’s supposed to know. (And nobody is outstanding in as many wildly diverse fields as he’s supposed to be.)

Wolvering, on the other hand, I’ve generally found to be more believable. He’s a greasy thug with powers that would be really useful for a greasy thug (speed, toughness, fast healing and built-in weaponry). I haven’t seen him much over the past decade, though, so maybe he’s been turned into a wine snob and world-class expert on exotic petunias recently.

But who’d win a fight? It all depends on who is publishing the story. DC’s “Batman always wins” effect is as powerful as Marvel’s “Wolverine always wins” effect. If it’s an inter-company crossover, they spar briefly, then team up to defeat someone bizarre, like Paste-Pot Pete or a Joker-Arcade team-up.

When the Amalgam crossovers happened, I think the biggest snag was the Wolvie / Lobo fight. Yeah, I’ll admit, wovlie is a badass, but at that point in the (painfully bad) Lobo continuity, Lobo was an immortal who could kill Superman with his bare hands. As things went, however, the fights were all (supposedly, and I think this may have been a sham) decided by popular vote amongst the readers, and Lobo’s fanbase was dwindling. We didn’t even really get to see the fight, IIRC. Just some chairs being thrown at a bar and Wolvie walking away from it. Pretty cheesy.

Then again, most of the Amalgam “decision” battles were on the cheesy side. The rest of the series was kinda fun.

Not all, just the 5 major ones (Superman/Hulk, Wonder Woman/Storm, Batman/Captain America, Superboy/Spider-Man, Lobo/Wolverine).

And while Lobo vs. Wolverine was indeed a travesty, in my mind WW Vs. Storm was an even bigger one. At least in the W/L one they kind of admitted it made no sense because they couldn’t even think of a scenario to actually show you. Wonder Woman’s fight made her look like the biggest idiot on the planet.

The only reason Wolvie won was that he’s more popular.

Wolverine would be better if he was Hispanic.

I’d go with Bats.

With Wolverine on an attack, you basically have a ferocious guy with a couple of very very sharp knives running at you, and his body can heal from any wound. Bats can deal with knife-users, no matter how good they are: some nerve pinches and Wolverine should be unconscious (for how long I don’t know).

A guy who’s knives can cut through any material in existence! Now, I generally end up favoring DC in most of these matchups, but I have to concede that Wolverine would at least give Bats’ a good run for his money.

But of course…in the end, G.B.H. Hornswoggler’s final answer is the correct one. There is no power in the 'verse, good or evil, that can stand up to the sheer might of…marketing. Not even fictional death itself.

I too vote for Wolverine. None of that “If Batman is prepared” crap. Any Superhero could be prepared, he could be prepared to have his Sidekick launch a tactical missile if he wanted(comic logic. )against his enemy , but a real test of their ability is if they can best someone in hand to hand with only their powers, not some fancy Batarang or a good dose of deus ex machina with the batbomber.

Wolverine has

[li]Unbreakable body[/li][li]Animal Senses[/li][li]The reflexes,instincts, and morales of an animal( by that I mean unlike batman he WILL kill someone[/li][li]Training by Japanese Ninjas(The hand?)[/li][li]Claws[/li][/ul]

Batman has
[li]training in most martial arts[/li][li]A perfect physical body[/li][/ul]

He would never win in a properly written fight.

Oh yeah, and Ultra fast healing powers.

Chances are the two would encounter each other randomly in Gotham City. And chances are that Batsy would lose that fight (that’s his formula… lose the first fight, only to use that knowledge to prepare and come back for a second fight). So Batsy would retreat, after receiving the obligatory flesh wound across the Bat-symbol on his chest, and plan on how to defeat this savage mutant.

However, Wolvie would follow Batman’s scent back to his cave, rough up Alfred a little bit (but not kill him… I like Alfred) and then beat the crap out of Batman (but not kill him… Wolvie’s a nice guy), then sit him down, puff on a cigar, and then give him a “Listen, bub…” speech, and that’ll be the end of it.

Loser: Batman. He lives only because Logan’s managed to back down away from that “deformed savage” phase he was going through a while back.

A guy trained in all forms of martial arts can take a bezerker, admittedly with ninja training, armed with the in-house equivalent of two indestructible sais.

Aslan, you forgot a portable arsenal of ropes, knives, drugged darts, explosives, smoke bombs, etc. Never doubt the power of a Utility belt, even the modern version.

Batman and Wolvie spar for awhile (The man’s fought Lady Shiva, he can stand toe to toe against Wolverine for a few rounds, at least). Batman, to his shock, watches a Batarang wound close before his eyes. Wolverine laughs and explains his healing powers and unbreakable skeleton.

“Good.” Says the Batman. “Then this won’t kill you.” As he throws an explosive batarang in Wolverine’s gut. Batman wins.

The “Batman wins if prepared scenario” is a test of Batman’s true ability. Give Batman time, and he will figure out a way to get out of any situation that was an expolitable weakness (thus exculding Fenris’ “Cosmic Entities hell-bent on destroying Him” scenarios, although even some of those are ultimately winnable). Other heroes, they’ll never figure it out. Tell Batman to beat Darkseid, he’ll coble together some Machiavellian plan involving a Hunger Dog Revolt an a Bat-Boom Tube into the heart of the Source. Tell Green Arrow to beat Darkseid, and he’d buy more arrows.

Only if it’s at the end of the comic book. If it’s at the beginning, a comatose geriatric with arthritis can kick Batman’s ass.

Except you’re assuming that Batman gets the chance to prepare. Most people he goes up against are delusional supervillains who secretly just want Batman’s attention (like a love-sick teenaged girl crushing on the head of the Football team). Face it, the only reason the Joker’s never won is simply because he wants to prove to Batman that they’re identical.

Wolvie has no such alterior motive. All he’d know would be that some goon in a mask is messing with his fun. He wouldn’t play any sort of trick, have any sort of caper, or try to prove anything to Batman… he’d just romp Batman’s ass.

…just dopn’t see how Wolverine can beat a guy who is second to none in martial arts…

How has Logan gone against Cap America before?

Batman all the way.

You are all assuming that Bats would stand there and spar. Once he realized the skill of wolverine, he would batgrapple out of there. Wolvie would follow, and bats would lead him somewhere to his doom, trick him, or use some bat gadget to slow him enough to beat him.

Wolvie kicks butt in pure fighting, but bats has him beat in strategy and smarts.

Batman would kick Wolverine in the nuts and it would be all over. Batman knows more ways to kick someone in the groin than any other hero. Wolverine’s nuttage probably has the same regenerative powers as the rest of his body, but the initial nut-crushing is still going to be overwhelmingly painful. I’ve never seen it written anywhere that he has adamantium-reinforced nuts nor that his nuts are devoid of pain receptors. So here is how the combat would go:

  1. They meet in some hack-writer contrived scenario.
  2. They mistake each other ofr criminals/enemies.
  3. Challenge issued.
  4. Wolverine extends his claws.
  5. Batman kicks Wolverine in the nuts.
  6. Wolverine collapses in a whimpering, nut-clutching heap.
  7. Batman continues his pursuit of the real villian or otherwise furthers the hack-writer-driven plotline.

No, Batman would not kick Wolverine in the nuts, at least not on their first meeting. See, the problem with a kick to the nuts is that it’s really easy to defend against. Everyone who has nuts has very strong and very effective instincts to protect them. So the only way that a kick to the nuts is effective is if it’s a total, complete surprise (which Batman has done on occasion). Now, on the other hand, because of those very same instinctual reflexes, a ballshot can make a very effective feint: You start to go for your opponent’s groin, and when he instantly cringes to avoid it, you instead give him a good punch to his (now vulnerable) head, or some other such target. And this is exactly the sort of thing which Batman would do. Unfortunately for him, the alternate target he chose would probably not be a very effective place to hit Wolverine.

Final outcome would depend on Wolverine’s mood. First fight, Batman would not win (because he’s not prepared), and if Wolverine is fast enough (likely), he can probably kill Batman before he can escape (remember, adamantium claws are easily capable of slicing through a Batarang cord). But if Wolverine stops anywhere short of killing Batman, then Batman will make it back to the Batcave, and from there, even with realistic writing (none of the Batman-beats-Cosmic-Entities nonsense), he’ll have no trouble hunting down Wolverine for Round 2, and beat him without even breaking a sweat.

Wolverine would win Bub.

How about Wolverine vs. Lobo?

It seems to me, Daredevil would be more to fight Batman?
They are both from New York, so they should encounter each other, and each would probably think the other was a criminal.