Wolverine VS Captain America

Fight is in an urban setting in a public park type area. No civilians around.

Cap has his shield.

Logan is out for blood and will kill Cap is he gets the chance.

Logan has NO healing factor.

Who wins??

Without the healing factor, Wolverine is just a greasy dwarf with knives. Cap will lay a righteous beatdown on him.

Then he’s not Wolverine, is he? Just some guy with really sharp claws and a bad temper.
Questions like this always can go either way. Comic books are always pairing heroes off against each other.

The outcome may depend on whether admantium can cut vibranium (or whatever unobtanium the claws and shield are made of). But most likely, the loser will be the guy who has probably built 100 years of tactics on being able to heal the damage that the other guy has done to him. Wolverine probably has no defensive strategy whatsoever. Captain America has had years fighting as the squishiest guy in the superhero pantheon. (Well, Batman is even squishier, but he’s in a different Universe.)

I never said Wolverine is clueless and unable to fight. He’s not just some short dude with knives like Scumpump mentioned. He is still Wolverine with all the years of experience of fighting, all his skills and senses, the only thing he does not have in this fight is his healing factor.

Personally I think it would be Cap coming out on top, but it wouldn’t be easy.

Yup. It wouldn’t even be close. Even with the healing I don’t like Logan’s odds.

If Wolverine has no healing factor, then he’s already dying in horrible agony before Rogers even sets eye on him. There’s a reason they picked him for the adamantium-bones treatment: It’d kill any normal person.

I am aware that the adamantium lacing his bones would poison him without the healing factor, but I kind of figured that for the sake of this particular fight scenario, we would all just disregard that aspect.

I mean come on, it’s just a fight in which I took away one of the combatants major abilities. No need to nitpick it to where we have throw out the whole fight to begin with.

This seems relevant (wolverine related video):

Reckless berzerker versus trained tactician? Cap wipes the floor with him.

Epic beatdown that ends with a wolverine rug. Without the healing factor Logan will feel every hit of Cap’s shield to the core. I’d predict a quick scuffle, a feint, Cap goes for a three-rail bank shot and Logan gets a few pounds of vibranium embedded into the back of his skull.

In fact, even with full powers on both sides, Cap probably still wins. If nothing else, Steve Rogers has no objection to using a gun if that’s what the mission calls for, and while filling Logan with lead won’t take him out permanently, it’ll at least take him down long enough to do something more permanent to him (if nothing else, handcuffs that put his hands where his blades can’t reach them).

Agreed. Wolverine’s entire fighting style is based on his ability to regenerate. If you’re going to take away Logan’s healing factor, you’d have to take away Cap’s supersoldier-ness to make it even. Then we’d just have a well-trained guy with knives fighting a well-trained guy with a shield, and nobody wants to see that.

*With *regeneration, though, I’d say the two are pretty evenly matched, with the long game going towards Wolverine.

That’s very funny, and the special effects were well done for a low budget comedy skit. Weren’t those schmucks paying attention in the first X-Men movie when Wolverine says “Every time.”?

Then again, unless you’re really planning on battling super villains a lot, “Wolverine claws” have to be the stupidest thing to ask for. What, are you going to open a lot of UPS packages?

I have to admit being unclear on how “adamantium claws” count as a mutant power and not an after-market modification.

It’s his healing that’s the mutant power- along with enhanced strength and dexterity.

Cap wins, even if Wolverine had his original healing factor. Now if he had the “heal as fast as the machine-gun blows him away” factor as seen in some comics, then Cap will have to try some tricky stuff and come prepared.

I think the original claws were bone. Still dangerous, though.

But he’s still a short guy with a heavy skeleton and suddenly-human stamina – versus a tactician who has long legs, Olympic-level speed, and supersoldier stamina, right?

Why is his stamina human level? His healing factor is gone, but that doesn’t mean he gets winded easier.

FTR, Wolverine did lose his healing power in the comics for about a year (or two?) leading up to the Death of Wolverine arc. His lack of healing factor made him less effective, but not as dramatically as you might think. He’s still a guy with more than a century of combat experience, who has long since learned to ignore pain. Cap’s a peak human and all that, and has a lot of combat experience himself, but not nearly as much as Logan - while they’re about the same age, Cap spent most of that time frozen in ice, while Logan was getting better and better at killing people.

Still, I’d give it to Cap, largely on metanarrative grounds. Cap’s pure of heart, Wolverine’s an anti-hero. Advantage Cap.

And don’t forget- it’s canon that “He’s the best there is at what he does- and what he does isn’t pretty.”


Sometimes, it’s very, very pretty.