Superhero battles we'd like to see.

As a comic fan in my youth there were some superhero battles I always wanted to see and never saw, even when Marvel and DC did crossovers. Perhaps they did them after I stopped reading. They were
Batman vs. Phantom the Ghost who walks.
Batman vs. Captain America
BAtman vs Black Panther
In the jungle Black Panther vs. Phantom
Superman vs Thor

Silver Surfer vs Dr. Solar
What’s your dream match that you never saw?

Batman vs Captain America was done in the last ten years, as a stand alone story, by John Byrne. It was pretty good, too.

Superman fought Thor in the long-awaited JLA vs Avengers series.

Oh Great. Now I have to look for those on Ebay :slight_smile:

Dr Solar vs Green Lantern

or Silver Surfer vs Lantern, also good potential.

Ghost Rider vs. Etrigan The Demon.

In the spirit of Halloween, of course.


Does it have to be heroes?

Darkseid vs. Thanos is at the top of my list.
Daredevil vs. Nightwing
Hawkeye (pre-Dissembled) vs. Green Arrow
Shi’ar Imperial Guard (or whatever they’re called) vs. Legion of Superheroes (pre-Crisis)
Mr. Fantastic vs. Plastic Man

I’m not sure the first one’s a superhero, strictly speaking, but since he’s about to star in a new comic series…

Roland of Gilead vs. Batman.

I think it would be a very interesting fight.

Lobo vs. Deadpool, just for kicks
Iron Man vs. Steel
Spider-man vs. Nightwing
Daredevil vs. Anarky
On the Evil Side:
Red Skull vs. Luthor
Bizarro vs. Madcap
Dr. Doom vs. Darkseid. Yeah, he’d lose, but he wouldn’t quit.

Also, Captain America should meet the Joker, just for the expression on his face.

Captain Marvel vs. Superman. Yeah, it’s been done. I want to see it again.

Ghost Rider 2099 vs. any Neal Stephenson hero.

Wildcat vs. Catman

Plastic Man vs. Hero Cruz, or one of the other guys from Dial H for Hero.

The X-Men vs. The Legion Of Super Pets…just so I can see the friggin, over-rated characters get the butts handed to them by a pack of chattering, steenking animals. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

No it doesn’t have to be heros

Taskmaster vs. Batman would be good

or TAskmaster vs Nightwing with …um…the Destroyer…is that the guy? Orange and blue costume. uses lots of weapons.

Destroyer vs. Punisher.

What?? Spiderman kicks his ass in 3 seconds.

Who would be a good superpowered match for Spidey from the DC universe?

Scott Plaid:

Already done.

Has been done. In fact it was the lead-in to DC Vs Marvel and kinda introduced Access.

Well, the Question would not be riled by any taunts or distractions that Spidey throws at him, but there is the problem that he is an Olymppic level athelite, and spidey is above that. Of course, Peter doesn’t really have a fighting style, whiile Sage is a master. Hmmmm…

Captain Atom could just remove his kinetic energy, couldn’t he?

Also, that crazy hero, the Creeper might be a problem, till Spidey learns to stay out his range of jumps.

I guess that having come from the same planet, Spidey’s weakness is Ditkonium


Since we’re talking about Plastic Man…is there something wrong with his eyes? It always bugged me, that he wears those weird googles. Seeing as he has no toes, perhaps his eyes are funky or is it an attempt to hide his indentity?

Interesting question. Before falling into that vat of mysterious chemical schmutz in 1941, he was Eel O’Brien, a wanted criminal. Reassuming that identity would have kept Plas permanently on the lam, so he never used it to pass as an ordinary guy. But yes, I guess the goggles do do something: they keep him from being recognized as O’Brien. Still – he could easily remold his face. So they’re probably just part of a cool costume.

The Bowler vs Gambit
The Shoveller vs Cyclops
The Spleen vs Wolverine (take THAT hightened sense of smell)

How about the Wonder Twins vs. a particularly angry and ruthless version of the Hulk?

OK, so it wouldn’t be much of a fight, but I would want to see it.