Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson resorts to voodoo!

And I thought better of him…

“Spabooks”? WTF? :confused:

I have to give him credit. Just when you think the “Wizard of Odd” can’t get any more weird and removed from planet Earth … he tops himself.

For a time, I thought he was the real-life incarnation of Ziggy Stardust but now that just seems too understated.

That expression has a sinister connotation over here (scroll down to see top; verb). He’s pretty close to the edge though.

Hey, here’s another SDMB thread wondering about “spabooks”!

Like shooting fish in a barrel

So now we know what happened to the B. Picture Oscar for Saving Private Ryan - Whacko put a hex on it!

Not really on topic, but did any of you see the interview with him? I believe that Jacko is legally insane.
“I’ve only had two operations. On my nose. So I could breathe better”
“Do you know why they used to call black people ‘colored’? Because they come in all colors”
And I don’t even want to think about his assertion that it is perfectly healthy for a 44 year old man and a 12 year old boy to share a bed…
He has no business being around kids, much less raising (and sleeping with) them.

If that’s a prosthetic nose, you would think he could do better with his oodles of money. I could make a better-looking prosthetic nose than that using Play-Doh and kindergarten paste.

Or he could go top bollocks. :smiley:

Bad publicity is better than no publicity. If Jacko is upset about the decline in his career he should look at the terrifying, insane monster he’s become over the years.

For those who are not faint of heart I suggest searching The Smoking Gun to read the testimony or deposition or statement or whatever the legal term they use of the kid who had relations with Michael Jackson back in the early nineties.
Please note Jacko crying like a little girl when he didn’t get his way.

I read quotes from it and it was enough to make me want to puke.

Yeah, saw that. It’s…Bizarre. There’s no other word for it. What…is there anything that can bee done? He sleeps with little boys and resorts to voodoo!

I actually feel sorry for the guy. He is clearly insane. Not odd, or weird. He’s insane. If he weren’t rich and famous he’d be in an institution and probably under heavy security… I think fame from an early age, as well as his general feminimnity all throughout his life (which must have caused people to mock him) just… snapped his sanity.

Good god, someone muzzle this idiot. For all the screaming about what “ignorant” people do to him, he does it himself every time he opens his horribly altered mouth.

And if he can breath through THAT, then I’m Marie of Roumania.

I’m convinced that MJ never, EVER molested a child. He’s the most asexual being I’ve ever seen. If he did touch a kid in an inappropriate fashion, it would have been no different than a couple of little kids playing doctor. Yes, he should know better, but, as everyone else has said, the dude’s insane.

Joe Jackson fucked up bad.

Oh, come ON you lot. It’s Vanity Fair! And the source is “a close friend.”

Do you lot get up in arms when Weekly World News reports another sighting of Bigfoot?

Really. MJ is wacky enough without shit like this.

That sounds pretty stupid. Pretend I only said “you lot” once.

Nicely done, Guinastasia. A veritable medley of extemporanea. :wink: