Michael Moore: Rush Limbaugh's love child?

In reviewing, for my amusement, the output of various doctrinaire loonies, I often come across Michael Moore and Rush Limbaugh. And then I experienced an epiphany.

Michael Moore may very well be Rush Limbaugh’s love child! Look at the two of them (okay, so don’t look too long). They use identical methods, have identical respect for truth, and have identical ethical standards when it comes to letting facts get in the way of their dogmas.

Likewise, both have their unthinking, rather dimwitted rah-rah sections, who are quite happy to viciously attack anyone who dares question their demigod’s unique spin on “reality”, and both of these rah-rah sections like to proclaim at great length how intelligent they and their respective shibboleths are and how stupid those who disagree with them must be.

And there’s more. They both have equally fine taste in fashion and public civility, the only difference, as in their public proclamations, being the direction of their spin on those matters.

Could I be onto something?

Perhaps Moore is actually Limbaugh’s secret conjoined twin, separated at birth and then cunningly frozen for decades to throw investigators off the trail.

I’ve always thought the two were essentially the same in many ways. The remarkable similiarities have certainly been discussed on SDMB on more than a few occasions.

It’s not precisely correct to say they use the same methods, though. Moore is a filmmaker. Limbaugh is a broadcaster (accouncer? host? I’m not sure what you call him.)

In fairness, they’re good at what they do. Moore is a talented filmmaker. Limbaugh is a talented announcer.

Are they related? I dunno. Let’s see if Mike can pull off the big weight loss - right now they don’t look alike. Or maybe we can put Limbaugh in a filthy old ballcap.

Well, by “methods” I referred to rhetorical techniques. Bombast, exaggeration, generalities, partial truths, outright lying, out-of-context refabrication, preaching to the choir, etc.

Moore started out more or less “straight,” but I do think that lately he’s been veering off into Limbaugh-style mouth-frothing.

Still, “love child” is a bit much… The mental imagery alone – eeeeuch!

Just imagine, that great new musical romance:

From Rush to Michael