Deathmatch: Moore vs. Limbaugh

Wierd idea came into my head today. If you put Micheal Moore and Rush Limbaugh into a steel cage, and the only way either can come out is to kill the other one, which one would win?

Today? Moore. No question.

A month ago? Rush. He was feeling no pain.

Do we have to let them out? :smiley:

Well, first one has to kill the other, and then once there is a clear winner, we could always kill him. Granted, we wouldn’t actually tell them this when they went in. It would be the suprise.

Rush would kick Moore’s ass, but would immediately have a fatal heart attack from the exertion.

Everyone wins.:smiley:

Will the audience be allowed to encourage them with cattle prods?

Its too hard to call. Moore’s knee jerking would be hard to defend, But Limbaugh has a good sidestep and is great at moving to the right.

I was thinking more along the lines of blowtorches.

Moore would die because he’s afraid of guns, and Rush would shoot him.

Howsabout a trident with a cattleprod, blowtorch, and a third implement to be decided later?

No, the blowtorches are given to those on the outside to keep the two from trying to back up againest the walls of the cage. Moore and Limbaugh are given rusty razor blades that have been soaking in animal feces.

Moore is a lifetime memeber of the NRA. :rolleyes:

Hmmmmm…This would be a tough call. Both have the weight advantage, but Moore has the age advantage, being the younger of the two.

My money would be on Moore.

Moore is a lifetime memeber of the NRA.

Maybe I’m getting my liberals mixed up. Isn’t Moore the idiot who made Bowling for Columbine?


why yes he is. And if you actually watched the movie it’s more about a culture of violence then gun control. IIRC there’s even a snapshot of a young Moore cradling a rifle.

Not saying I support the conclusions of Bowling for Columbine (I actually find it an unfocused mess) but the misconceptions about it seem to be staggering.

Well, that and the fact that Moore edited it so deceptively…