Oh, lordy, this should be good: Moore visits O'Reilly tonight

I realize that 90% plus people here will be pulling for Moore, but for me, it’s pretty much like a battle between Janet Reno and John Ashcroft. I don’t care who wins, I’m just glad someone’s going to lose. The previews show some flush and ruddy faces, lots of spit flying, and no-holds-barred screaming on top of one another. This is one time I won’t begrudge Moore fans their victory if he comes up smelling like a rose because, frankly, O’Reilly stinks like a big bag of shit. Hot damn! Go Bill! Go Michael! Knock each other out! :smiley:

Dear God, I hope there’s a way that I can see this up here in FoxNews-free Soviet Canuckistan.

I’ve never watched O’Reilly before. Is he on Fox News? What time will this be on?

Okay, I’m interested. Anybody know of a way for someone in England (that would be me) to get to see this? Short of flying to America, that is.

Do you think they’re even capable of talking to one another? They’re both so far along the road with their own agendas I wonder if the show will go something like this …

BO asks a skewed, telling question that goes something like: So, Michael, have you stopped beating your wife yet?
MM answers a different question that contains some of the same words so it sounds like he is responding: Well, Bill, now that you bring it up, I did find evidence that President Bush beats his wife.
BO: So you basically admit you’re a low-down scumbag.
MM: I think it’s pretty clear that Bush is indeed a low-down scumbag.

And so forth …

8:00 Eastern. Rebroadcast at 1:00 AM.

It’s not the first time Moore has been on O’Reilly’s show. He was on about a year or so ago and totally dominated. MM is smarter than O’Reilly and he doesn’t come off as a lunatic.

I imagine O’Reiily will try to go after the alleged “lies” in F911,but don’t think for a second that MM isn’t prepared to defend his film. This is an intellectual and ideological mismatch. The best O-Lie-ly can hope for is a draw, at worst he’ll be eviscerated.

If O’Reilly starts to lose big, look for him to cut off Moore’s mic, call him a “traitor” and scream at him to leave the studio before “I rip your fucking head off.”

Sweet Christ!

Where and when?

It’s coming from the FleetCenter, Dio! :slight_smile: I didn’t record the preview, but they were both shouting over one another, and I picked up bits and pieces… something like, “So you still insist on calling the president a liar!” “Well, he IS a liar.” “Well, you’re a liar, too!”

Does anyone know where the show will be filmed? I’m worried that the conflicting energies will collide and cause an explosion, leaving a crater with at least a 10 mile radius. People in that city should pack just the essentials in the car and get out right now.

So it’s already been recorded? Cool. I just hope Fox doesn’t edit it to make O’Reilly look better.

It sounds like Bill started to lose it pretty early. :slight_smile:

I mean, come on, no matter what O’Reilly thinks of Michael Moore, he losesall credibility himself if he’s going to doggedly insist that GWB is not a liar.

Of course if you miss the debate you can always get a couple of six year old boys mad at each other

“You’re a poopyhead!”

“No, You’re a poopyhead!”

“No You’re a poopyhead!”

“I know you are but what am I?!”

A debate with equal or possibly greater significance and content

He’s having Ben Affleck, too. Separately as far as I can tell. I hope he gets Moore first because Moore can get him good and riled up. Then, he’ll come across as being mean to the soft-spoken purty boy.

Yo, little help on the where and when.

Fox 8:00 pm EST sound right?

Yeah, I posted the times just above. Fox News, 8 PM and 1 AM Eastern. I’ve got the DVR turned on and as soon as the promo plays again, I’ll post a transcript here. I’ll have to abridge it though for copyright reasons.

Heh. To be honest, this doesn’t sound likely to be any more edifying than a flamefest between, say, Milroyj and Reeder, yet somehow I feel compelled to tune in. Clearly, I need to get back on my medication.

Oh, nurse! Three or four of the blue pills with the sparkly bits, and a glass of Jack Daniels to wash it down, stat!

I’ve never watched O’Reilly before. Would it be 5:00 pm Pacific time, or do they delay the broadcast til 8:00 pm out here?

Good question, Blow, I don’t know. There must be an online schedule for your cable or satellite, though. Anyway, I did find a clip. It must have been before they got warmed up good. Here, they’re arguing over who’s willing to sacrifice more lives to kill terrorists. :smiley:

(Look for “Click here to watch a clip”)

I see from O’Reilly’s website that Ann Coulter will also be on the show tonight.

I also love that O’Reilly is going to ‘analyze’ the DNC speeches, and that “the Truth Police put a stop to any spin that may have been happening!”

And, while you’re at the site, why not participate in O’Reilly’s poll of the day:

He asks all the big questions!

Okay, here’s the promo. (Portions snipped.)


[Klingon battle drums and heavy metal music]

Voiceover: …the explosive interview you’ve been waiting for! Bill goes head to head with Michael Moore!

O’Reilly: You’re not gonna apologize to Bush. You’re gonna continue to call him a liar.

Moore: No, I can’t think of a worse thing to do than…

O’Reilly: [shouting] You wouldn’t even have invaded Afghanastan, would you…

Moore: [unintelligable, spoken over O’Reilly] …sacrfice your child to secure Felujah. There’s a lot…

O’Reilly: [unintelligable, spoken over Moore] …it was an imminent threat to the United States, and…

Moore: [voice rising] There’s a lot of things we should have done.