Michael Moore's secret project: "Where To Invade Next"

This documentary. about the American military-industrial complex and how the government maintains a state of “infinite war,” will premiere this month at the Toronto Film Festival and probably will be released around Thanksgiving.

Apparently Moore kept it under wraps while making it. (Too paranoid? Or not paranoid enough?)

You can watch Moore’s announcement-video here – it’s just Moore talking; I can’t seem to find any trailer of the film online yet.

He should invade a damned weight watcher’s.

It will be interesting to see just how close he comes to being right. But a lot will depend on who the next president is.

Who would Trump invade?

Megyn Kelly

I’ve noticed how Moore is quiet when a democrat is in office.


There’s just something about Moore that makes me oppose anything he claims to believe in, even if I didn’t before. Reminds me of several Dopers.

I’m not sure 18 years ago when he was just starting out and not yet a prominent political figure counts.

I’m not a Michael Moore fan. If he put in the work he could do the job he thinks he’s actually doing, but instead he takes shortcuts, fudges the facts, takes cheap shots and generally sacrifices honesty and credibility in order to be able to act all smug and superior.

I’m sure his new film will contain many valid and thought-provoking points - and I’m likewise sure he’ll take a big steaming dump all over them as per usual.

Moore has been somewhat famous since his 1989 film Roger & Me although his star did rise after he released Bowling For Columbine.

1997 was eight years after Roger and Me (which made a huge splash) and three years after the start of the Award-Winning TV Nation. By 1997, Michael Moore wasn’t “just starting out” – he had already arrived.

Have you noticed that there’s a Democrat in office now, when he’s about to release this? Have you also noticed that he’s been working on this since 2009, which might explain why he hasn’t released much else in the interim?

Maybe it helps the message if the person delivering is not part of the package. I always worried a little about the emotional investment many put into Jon Stewart.

I also think Moore knows his audiences - the converted already know, the rest might give just a little time to a fat ugly guy who sounds like them.

Whoa, those goalposts sure moved fast.

His central thesis is mistaken. Does he believe that radical Muslim terrorists hate and kill because America? Does he believe the Communists were just misunderstood and there was no need for the Cold War?

Oh wait, he does.

Me, too, and the “something” is this:

If a fat joke is all ya got, I’ll see you and raise you Rush Limbaugh.

You don’t know that until you’ve seen the movie. And, in hindsight, there really was no need for the Cold War.

That’s a very shaky theory. If we hadn’t contested the Soviet Union they wouldn’t have had to devote as much money to defense. If we hadn’t contested their proxies they wouldn’t have had to spend so much money helping them beat our proxies. A Soviet Union that paid more attention to internal matters than foreign adventures might be China today.