Michael the Archangel is gone

If you care, you can read about this guy here.

He got the nickname in 1964 when he got arrested for harrassing a pack of nuns while spouting gibberish and wearing a white cape.

I had several largely uncomfortable encounters with the man. Some of my female coworkers asked me to walk with them if they had to go outside, simply because they were afraid that they might run into him.

This guy was really scary. He was really short, but he managed to retain some impressive musculature somehow, and he had a stare that would just burn right through you.

He intimidated everybody, and people would give him money, cigarettes and food just because they felt threatened.

Just to be clear, I want to point out that he never actually threatened or hurt anybody as far as I know, but his presence alone was frightening.

Evidently, he lived in the bowels of the South Mall from the time it was built. My mother remembers being scared by the guy.
I know that I should feel regret at the loss of a human life, but all I really feel is a mild sense of relief.

Does that make me a bad person?

Okay, I screwed up the link. and the “chasing the nuns while wearing the cape” thing was in '66, not '64.

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Apparently, I’m not only a bad person, I’m also a bad poster.

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