Michelle Jenneke revisited

It was probably just body paint, put on for that particular event.


Video of Jenneke modeling swim suits for Sports Illustrated.


Wow, that was unexpected! She has a much better body than the hurdling video makes apparent.

I would say thanks but “Thanks a million” seems more appropriate. :smiley:

I had quite a weird reaction to the first clip (haven’t seen the rest): it made me a bit teary, in a smiley, isn’t the world a nice place kind of way. I think it’s because here is this young girl, at the start of her career, the start of the peak of her physical fitness and her understanding and use of her own body. And she looks so happy, and comfortable and in charge of herself, and so alive with possibilities. To this ageing fart with the two-kids body and greying hair who, let’s face it, has never been a tenth as fit as that, it was… just … lovely. Moved me in the same way that the Baz Luhrman track about the class of 99 moves me, when I’m feeling a bit emotional.

As a 70% straight woman it didn’t affect me in quite the same way as some other people, evidently, but I agree she brings warmth and light.

The first video of her, the famous one. Man, that is outrageous. She looks so goddamn joyful, not to mention unrelentingly boner-inducing.

Good to see that she’s enjoying her 15 minutes.

That comes off as a bit snarky. I am sure she will enjoy her 15 minutes or 15 years of celebritude regardless of how long it is.

I wish I had 10% of her joy of living, but I’m just another old fart.

Yeah, I don’t think anyone is celebrating her fame…not even her. She seems very well grounded and to be enjoying the fallout from her video on Youtube without letting it go to her head.

And besides, you said it best when you said: “That girl can bring warmth and light to the coldest, darkest day of winter.” :slight_smile:

That said, I’m beginning to think Ms. Jenneke could have quite a career as a model. When properly made up and posing she’s even prettier and she really seems to know how to bring it for the camera.

P.S. - Also liked that one guy’s comment to the swimsuit video: “WOW!! sports illustrated is actually having an athlete as the cover??” :smiley:

Too bad she’s not really on the cover. Maybe next year.