Michelle Jenneke revisited

I’ll probably get slammed for this by some but remember the video of Michelle Jenneke, hopeful Olympic hurdler and anti-depressant extraordinaire?

Well, in case you don’t or you missed it entirely this is the video of her warming up and running a race which went viral last summer and brought her a lot of attention:

Michelle, part 1

Well, I just happened to discover a couple more that have followed in its wake, and just to perk everyone up I thought I’d post 'em here. So, here we go:

Michelle, part 2

Michelle, part 3

Better than Zoloft, this girl is.

This trend/meme/whatever completely passed me by the first time around. I knew nothing of the original video until you posted this Thread.

Maybe some would be annoyed since you’re dredging up “old news” but I, for one, can not thank you enough.

I especially liked the last shot where the camera pans to the production crew, who are all doing the same Michelle dance.

I’ll be in my bunk.

Glad to be of service. :smiley:

Yeah, I did too. Also the way she danced to Gangnam Style, “the Dougie”, etc. in the third vid, apparently picking them up just by watching them on a monitor. Seems to be very in touch with her body.

Just found more bunk fodder. :smiley:

Here’s her response to the video that went viral, which is currently at almost 21 million hits. Speaking as a lifelong leg man and lover of adorable personalities, I can see why.

Michelle, part 4

I think she was already very familiar with those dances, as are a lot of young women her age. The idea that that slobby co-host dude was going to “teach” her those dances was laughable.

I suspected as much myself - lots of girls her age have probably been doing them - but she seemed to focus pretty closely on the monitor, which I took to mean she was picking up the moves on the fly. Either way, she’s just fun to watch.

Thanks for the straight line. I don’t need to complete that, do I?

All I can do is set 'em up. What you do with 'em is up to you. :wink:

I don’t think they would have approved of this back in the fifties.

We can ignore the fifties. They were too busy getting drunk as a way to deal with the PTSD caused by the forties.

I can tell you without the slightest reservation that plenty of people would have approved of it in the fifties. :wink:

Then I was misinformed.

Well, that’s a relief. The future of the species was safe.

I caught this when it was new, and have watched it dozens, if not hundreds of times.

That girl can bring warmth and light to the coldest, darkest day of winter, and the pairing with “Boys, boys, boys” is perfect.

Couldn’t agree more.

I guess I should have done a little research before I started this thread so I could post all the clips at one time. Anyway, the last clip made me curious about the Cosby sweaters ad that crashed their website so I went looking and came up with this interview. Pretty cool girl. Just finished volunteering at an orphanage in Tanzania and will will begin studying mechantronic engineering when she starts college next year.

*“Ever been challenged by a guy to race for your phone number?”

“Oh, not much. Maybe 5 or 10 times, I’d say.”

“Have you ever raced them?”


“Have you ever lost?”



That wins the internet.

Cosby sweaters? Like Bill Cosby?

But yeah I’m a big Michelle Jenneke fan, not just for the sexy but the peppy as well.

I just noticed something odd. In some pics / vids, including the original dancing one, Michelle has what appears to be a small Australian flag tattoo on her abdomen… but then later it seems to have disappeared. So was it never a tattoo at all? Or has it been CGI’d out in the later videos / pictures for some reason (seems unlikely)? Or has she had it removed? Inquiring minds hunger to know.

(Yes, I know, I look at these things too closely.)