Michelob Golden Draft, period. Got that, fuckwad?

Heyyyyyy!! Do NOT talk smack about Maryland beer!! It hurts my Baltimoron feelings. There are some truly excellent beers brewed here…it’s just that we drink them all, so there’s none left to export.

Re:the OP, a riddle: how is mass-produced American beer like making love in a canoe?

He doesn’t like any kind of beer. Can’t you read? He only likes piss, and that only if it came from the Queen of England

While I can’t say that I enjoy it, I do find warm Guinness to be more palatable than any other beer I’ve tried.

I don’t mean to knock people who do like beer or wine, but as someone who doesn’t, listening to people talk about the relative merits of something I find almost repugnant is amusing.

I’ll stick with my G&Ts, white Russians, and the ocassional martini (one right after the other would be my preference, so I don’t get bored drinking one thing all night).

And yes, Manduck, queen piss is tasty; I learned that on my last trip to the Castro.

Because it’s fucking close to water.

[sub]Gawd, I love Monty Python[/sub]

Well, okay, if you don’t like beer or wine but do like white Russians, I can see how you didn’t like any of those named brews. Sorry, I thought you kinda liked beer but thought that the craft beers in question were without merit, which would have been deserving of a bitch slap.

Geez!! My comment caused all ** that ** ??

Most of the beers mentioned afterwards, I must admit, I’ve never heard of. As for the others, Sam Adams does have some good beer,Yuengling you can keep.

I don’t drink at home, so I don’t shop for beer by the 6-pack, case, whatever. I buy beer at bars to drink while playing pool or just hanging out with friends. In the bars in Baltimore, ** some ** sell Sam Adams, most don’t. Generally you can get Bud, Michelob, Miller, Miller Lite, Coors, and Coors Light and the various offshoots of the above. Oh, you can also get Corona (ugh).

When I’m in these bars, I drink Coors Light. Not because it’s good beer, but because it has no taste at all and no taste is better than bad taste.
I’m sure there really are good beers in the US. Just not the mass produced kinds that I see in the bars I frequent. I know I can go to the trendy clubs and get 1001 different types of beer but I’m more picky about the people I drink with than the beer I drink.

I am always a little surprised at the number of Guinness fans. Not to suggest it is a bad beer. But if stout turns your crank, there are plenty of alternatives you can try. And they haven’t all been sitting in a shipping container for who knows how long. Of course, let’s not forget the "flavorizer"™ or whatever the heck they call THEIR CO2.
I’m getting thirsty. Think I’ll stop by after work on the walk home from the train to pick up a growler of imperial stout from the Glen Ellyn Brewery. Mmmmm.
The lovely Ms. D recently convinced me that I make enough money that I can afford to drink decent beer. Just another reminder of why I am glad I married her. Having said that, if someone else is buying, I’ll drink just about anything that is placed before me.

Yes, I know there are alternatives to Guinness. I should explain that I never drink at home. My wife knew I drink Guinness and bought me a six-pack at the store. It stayed in the refridgerator until we moved.

I only drink in bars and, at least in my experience, they generally don’t have an equivelant to Guinness. If they do, they usually have Guinness as well; I might as well stick with what I know isn’t too bad.

<Marlitharn walks in, takes a look around, quickly hides her bottle of Bud behind her, and backs sloooowly out the door…>

::falls off stool laughing::

Where’s Scylla? Marlitharn, don’t leave. Bud has it’s place. Barbecues, beaches, after hard work, after the bars close and you bring back 10 people to your house (tall-boys), keg parties, and sporting events. I love ‘em. These unpatriotic bastards. The nerve, dissin’ the Bud. It’s like dissin’ apple pie.

DaLovin’ Dj

Happy to oblige:

Discussing the relative merits of Bud and Coors is like debating the relative merits of McDonald’s applie pie versus Burger King’s apple pie.

(and all four rank with queen piss)

Hehehe…I love it when beer geeks get going. Makes me feel better about some of the topics I can go geek on.

Mmmmmmm I love a Fat Tire in the rain on the way home from work.
Fort Collins rocks.

Anybody else ever had my absolute favorite, Chinook Alaskan Amber beer?
Double mmmmmmm. It’ll make a chihuahua break his chain.

Priorities, ENDER, priorities. :smiley:

Ah, beer . . . Anchor Steam, Full Sail, Fat Tire, and, of course, that crown of the West Coast, Widmer. I love it all.

To me, being a beer snob is kind of like being a fast food snob – why bother? Drink (or eat) what you like. Even if your favorite is warm piss, best to just drink it up instead of attempting to serve it to others by dissing their beer.

misissippi mud, mack n jacks african amber, negro modelo. mmmmmmmmmmmm beer.

You guys should try some Vermont beers: Magic Hat (#9 a,d Heart of Darkness are my favorites) Otter Creek, Long Trail, Sheds, etc. Rail City from St. Albans was pretty damn good but they folded a year or so ago.

Your loving VT brewmeister,

East Coast Swill?? Well Boys!!! Have you not tried Long Trail? Be fair, give it try!!!

Back to the OP. I have a bro-in-law who works for A-B. So I am exposed to generous quantities of their products, which I willingly ingest. I believe they have one darker Michelob product, Amber Bock perhaps, which is downright pallitable IMO.

I have often thought that A-B was, shall I say, a little confusing in their endless permutations of 5 or 6 adjectives to differentiate between their various products. How many different variations upon Michelob and Budweiser do you need? Was that Michelob Golden Draft Light Ice you ordered or Michelob Genuine Golden Draft? Do you want a Bud, Bud Light, Bud Ice, Bud Ice Light, Bud Draft Light Ice …?

Are other big name brands similarly affected?