Michelob Golden Draft, period. Got that, fuckwad?

Not that it’s great beer, but goddammit, Can I for once in my life go into a bar and order a Michelob Golden Draft without them bringing me a Michelob Golden Draft Light? You ever want to win an easy bar bet? Bet your chum that your serving wench will bring you the wrong beer. Then order a Michelob. Fuckers. What’s this conspiracy all about?

Ermm…it’s Genuine Draft. And it’s a Miller. Good try, though.

Hmm…On further review, said beverage does exist. I even checked the Michelob website, and didn’t find it. Carry on.

Anyone who ever brought me something made by Michelob would immediately be killed while I screamed “Beer! I asked for beer! This does not qualify as beer except in the Bizzaro universe!”

but they f%&k that up too…think they just give you what they have the most of…

Beer? Do they actually make beer in the US? No? Good. I didn’t think so.

I know what you mean. Whenever I order a Miller Ice Dry Authentic Winter Brew Genuine Draft Light they always screw it up.

So now I just drink Bass.

Who_me: Oh, sigh, Maryland-boy (or girl). Come out west and we will feed you some Old Rasputin or some of the GLORIOUS Anchor Christmas beer, and you will see the light.

Yeah. Sam Adams and Leinenkugel really sucks. And that Goose Island Octoberfest I got on sale at the Jewel last week was pretty rancid.
Fucking elitists.

Rogue Shakespeare? pure crap.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale? Yuk.

Any Yuengling at all? Piss water.
:rolleyes: You’re a dumbass, Who_me?

**Who_me? ** what types of beer do you drink anyways? I would suggest you put down the Guinness (mmm Guinness) for a bit and try something else? You should go buy a case of beer that you have never tried before, drink 1 bottle. If you do not like, you can send ** mouthbreather, Dinsdale, capybara ** and ** me ** each 1 six pack from the case. You can send me the six’er with only 5 left. This should continue until otherwise notified by any of those listed above. Cheers.


::deep, calming breaths…::

My first thought was, “I’m glad he posted that in the Pit, 'cause I’m gonna tear this ignorant SOB a new one!”

But while waiting for the Reply screen to come up, my rage faded to pity.

If you think that mass-market swill made by Anheuser-Busch, Miller, et al. is the only beer produced in America…well, you’re missing out on a LOT of excellent beers and ales, pal.

Here on the west coast, we make some of the best beer in the known universe (with all due respect to Yuengling, Dominion, Celis, and countless other fine east coast breweries). Try Sierra Nevada, Deschutes, Mendocino, Rogue, Anchor, and Full Sail, just to scratch the surface.

Your comment was insulting, but I’m gonna chalk it up to ignorance and forgive you. But do yourself a favor, and drink a REAL American beer.

Guys. um…perhaps we’ve overreacted just a touch. A hair? A smidgen?

He insulted our beer, he didn’t rape our grandmothers with the beer bottles.

Call him ignorant, feel pity on the poor bastard. Fine. But to hate the man for what very well could have been a joke on your preference of beverages, why…I just don’t know what to say. But if you’re too upset to finish that Fat Tire, pass it this way.

Y’all are makin’ me thirsty. Think I’ll stop by Hooters on the way home for a Heinie, and I don’t give a flying fuck if she brings me an Amstel Light, just so long as she bends over the cooler in front of me to get it.

[mock anger]

Celis … East Coast??? Boy! them’s fightin’ words

Celis is Texas beer. Not some pansy Easy Coast swill.

Don’t you forget it.
[/mock anger]

Heh heh. Sorry, man. I know. Don’t mess with Texas.
But hey, it’s all east from here.
BTW, my dad is a Texan. Swears Shiner Bock is the greatest beer in the world.



…oh, er, yeah. Sorry.

[sub]Actually, I wasn’t really upset at Whosits. Exaggerating, don’tchaknow.[/sub]

Yeah, but ‘slippery slope’ and all that.

I have consumed each and every beer in that paragraph and only finished any of them out of politeness.

But then, comparing beers is like saying your glass of piss tastes better because it came from the Queen of England. It is still a glass of piss.

Though beer is at least a step up from wine.

::Enters whistling the Hipnesaucity theme::

I concur.

::*Whistles up to the bar::

DaLovin’ Dj

Jesus, what kinda beer do you like if you didn’t find ANY of the above tasty?