I don't like Guinness.

I know it’s all the rage, and all the kids like to drink the stuff, but I just can’t stomach it. To me, it’s overly thick, bitter, and it tastes BROWN.

When taking a sip of Guinness, it makes me go like this : :frowning:

What’s the deal? What is it that draws people to this stuff like flies to horses?

hehehhe, Guinness is actually a very LIGHT stout. It tastes positively watery when compared to a true heavy stout!

Actually, I meant to put this in IMHO. My bad.

Bottled? Canned? Draft, it can be a whole different…animal.

Although, I’ve had it draft on three continents. It only tastes funny in North America. :confused:

Well, to be honest I’m not a huge Guinness fan (as Athena said, there are plenty of more flavorful stouts out there), but as far as some of us are concerned, the deal is that brown, bitter, and intense is a good thing. Mmmm…

If you drank it out of a bottle, I’d agree with your assessment, that sucks. Or a poorly run tap. Other than that, as served correctly in the US, it is an acquired taste.

Also, are you sipping or gulping? It’s meant to be sipped, and letting it warm up a bit brings the flavor out.

One of the few brews of which the canned variety is superior. And you must pour it into a glass - you can’t just swill it out of the can or bottle as you might a Miller Lite.

I cannot believe we are giving Mr. Cynical a lesson on how to drink beer. The mind boggles.


Even that draught bottle tastes inferior to the can (which tastes inferior to a tap). And the non-draught bottle is so ridiculously bad, I can’t even describe it.

But anyway, a lot of people find it too bitter. I find most of these people find Miller Light to be the royalty of the beer family, but sometimes folks just don’t like the dark, roasted, bitter, delicious, dreamy, mouth-watering taste, even if they have impeccable beer standards otherwise.

Why is this so unbelievable? Is he a bartender or a drunk or something? Some people just don’t know the proper way to drink Guinness.

Now, now, now, there’s no lessons to be dealt my way when it comes to consuming the nectar of the Gods!

I’m just curious as to how one gets to like it. Is it an acquired taste, or is it the kind of thing you like at first sip?

Surely, you’re not referring to the Extra Stout bottle? Why, that’s so much better than any of the Draught home versions, it’s not even funny!

As was said upthread, though, there ARE many better stouts than Guinness. But for a mass market brew, it’s not bad.

Definitely acquired taste. But if you take the time, you’ll be a better man for it.

I don’t think I am. But maybe. It’s the one that you could find in a bottle regularly before they came out with the draught bottle. It had no nitrogen in it, barely any head and no thickness whatsoever. If that’s what you’re talking about, then you are clearly insane in saying it is fit for anything except torture.

If you get it in a bottle, chances are, especially if it’s in a clear or green bottle, it will get bitter.

Light is very bad for any type of beer.

People snicker at me when I say I prefer beer in a can but it reduces the chances of it being bitter, especially if it’s been sitting in a warehouse for a time.

To me the canned Guinness tastes like… (drumroll) a can. I do like Guiness in bottles, but I think you might find Sheaf Stout a little tastier. You don’t mention whether it’s this stout, or stouts in general you dislike. IIRC, I’ve always liked it, but probably because I’ve been drinking very strong coffee since I was 13 or so. I can see why people would just not like it. If you’re one of them, then don’t drink it. Buy something you like, instead.

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