My Beer I insane?

I have decided to be a cheaper date for Codepoet (not a doper yet, but one day, one day) and find a beer I can stand to drink. Since I have not earnestly drunk any beer since 1979, this is a bit of a new challenge. So each week, we stop at this nice Irish bar and I try a different beer.

First week…Amstel Light
Second week…Bass
Third week…Sam Adams Summer ale (I Think)
Fourth week…Heineken
Fifth week…Rolling Rock

For the next trip, I’m thinking I’ll try the Guiness. Just a half-pint, mind you…I said I’m aiming for Cheap-date status.

But every time I mention this Guiness plan, people throw their hands up and say I’m crazy, brave, foolish, whatever. No one has said…“good choice”.

So what do ya think? I don’t really like any of the above beers…is Guiness going to be so very different? Should I try Harp first? Will I puke? Will I love it? Is there a better choice…something less beery?

You may enjoy it, it is not like the other beers you mentioned AT ALL, but it is not something that takes years to build up to. I understand it has less alcohol per volume than most beers, too.

Yes, Guinness is very different from all the other beers you’re trying, but since you don’t like any of them, why would you want something similar? Sounds like a fine idea to me.

Try to find yourself a hefeweizen. Something like Tucher, or Paulaner, or Franziskaner. It’s MUCH less beery, especially if you get it with a slice of lemon. It has a very banana/clove-y flavor to it, and is quite refreshing.

You may want to try a Harp or even a Killian’s first, although I’m quite partial to Guiness. People think you’re crazy because you’re jumping from lighter beers to a good, thick beer. I say as long as you aren’t drinking pisswater (basically any Amurikan beer) you’re doing okay.

Guinness is a stout. It’s a very robust, malty flavor. It’s competely different than the others, as has been mentioned. You might want to try a Porter first as it’s somewhere between the milder dark ales and Guinness. ** Flymaster**'s heveweizen recommendation is also a good idea.

You mention that you want to be a “cheaper” date. What was your poison of choice before? That might give us an idea of your tastes.

bobkitty: by “Amurikan” beer I assume you mean the American Light Lagers (BudMillerCoors) and not the other American beers like Anchor Steam, Shiner, Sierra Nevada, Pete’s Wicked, etc. Right?


If you have a chance, try Boddington’s. It’s pretty good, and while it is very different than Guinness, it’s a little more similar than what you’ve been drinking.

Guinness is definately a different beer. Well, it’s not so different from other stouts, but it’s the stout beer most people try first. It seems like it’s one of those things that you either love or hate. I love it personally, but it’s not for everyone.

You are absolutely correct. And may I especially add to that “pisswater” list my dad’s staple, Old Milwaukee. ::shudder::

It’s a wonder I have any taste in alcohol at all.

Incidentally, kitten, you may want to add Wersteiner to your list.

Guinness is proof that God exists and wants us to be happy. :slight_smile:

That reminds me… There’s a beer that will increase your psychic aura.

Kirlian’s Red!


Kirlian’s Red.

Something you might like is a “Black and Tan.” I’m partial to them, and iiit’ll give you a taste of Guinness. It varies somewhat as to what lighter beer is on the bottom (my local pub uses Bass Ale) half, and the top half is Guinness, poured so they remain separate.

One thing about Guinness, being a stout it should not be drunk cold (although lots of places serve it that way). It should be cooler than room temperature, but not icy cold. If served cold, it has a very bitter taste. Once it warms up, it is a bit sweet. (For that matter, I will usually wait a bit while the ales recover from their exposure to blizzard conditions before I begin working on them.)

Guinness will certainly not taste anything lik the ones you’ve mentioned (although at Budweiser’s 33° F, the Bass will be nearly as bitter as Guinness at the same temperature).

MMMMM, Guinness. Perhaps my favorite of the readily available stouts. I tend to stay away from macrobrew. Pisswater all of it.

I also try and stay away from light colored beer, Although Sapporo special reserve(gold can) is my favorite beer.

Never be afraid to try something new. People who poo-poo Guinness are probably the same people who will sit back scratch their crotch and pound a twelver of keystone ice. Dont listen to them.

My apologies to those dopers whos personal habits include neither keystone or gratuitus crotch scratching, but dislike Guinness.

Guinness is good. It doesn’t taste like regular beer, so no need to buiid up. Just try it and see. I have friends who don’t drink beer at all except Guinness.

Mind you, as an Australian, it is my firm belief that American beer does not taste like beer either. My sister hates beer and found Budweiser quite acceptable. Yes, i do know there are small breweries which can do good beer. Anchor steam, for instance. It’s just my patriotic duty as an Australian to remind you all that American beer is like making love in a canoe.

Beer elitetists the lot of ya.

So, I want a new beer. I currently drink Rolling Rock (or pretty much any other 'merican swill, but 95% of the time its the Rock) because its cheap and I like the taste of it. This is all well and good for sitting at home watching adult swim or whatever, but what about when I’m chatting up in a beer elitetist enviorment like here. I need to tell them that I like {insert some odd beer I probably can’t get at the local Kroger and probably cost’s 10$ for a 6 pack} and be able to back it up with experiences. So I ask you, dear drinkers of beer, what fancy beer should I try? I’m tired of hanging my head in shame because I drink Rolling Rock or God forbid Bud Ice.

Kittenblue, I don’t drink beer either - except ‘Hoegaarden’, a Belgian white beer that is really rather scrummy. A mite alcoholic though!! But that can be a good thing

dead0man – I take it you like light lagers, then? You might want to try Sierra Nevada Summerfest or Saranac Pilsner. Or just about anything imported from the Czech Republic.

However, I must point out that there’s no sense in acquiring expensive tastes just to impress people.

Go for the Guiness, my goodness! Mmmm…Guiness. Is it the sort of Irish pub where they make a little 4-leaf clover in the foam with the dribble from the tap and then set it on the counter so and make you wait for it to warm up?

It is an acquired taste. You may not like it right off the bat. Don’t let that stop you–first you’ll drink less thus being a cheap date, second is that it is worth the time to acquire the taste.

Get the full pint.

kittenblue, I’m going to second the recommendation of a “Black & Tan” as a milder introduction to Guiness. But insist on the bartender pouring it right. It MUST arrive distinctly two-colored. My brother had a bitch of a bartender tell him she “didn’t have time” to pour a proper B&T - it came to his table a uniform muddy brown. I told him he shoulda sent it back, and prolly walked out without tipping.

Oh! And try a Negro Modelo and a Becks (or better yet, Becks Dark), while you’re exploring the darker beers. These are more dark ales as opposed to stouts like Guiness (which some people think taste burnt).

dead0man, in these lean economic times, I’ve discovered Yeungling. It’s fairly new on the scene, but I believe it’s available nationwide. Tastes better than Rolling Rock, and only slightly more expensive.