Which macro beer(s) are you responsible for?

These are the 15 top selling beers in America by volume as 30 seconds of Google research has yielded. While I realize we are all beer snobs and wouldn’t be caught dead quaffing any of these insults to the word “beer,” SOMEONE is buying and drinking it.

Which of these will you own up to perpetuating the existence of?

BTW yes, I am aware that the snobbery statement above does not apply to one or two of these. It was not entirely serious.

Yes, I know, all American beer is watered down swill. But at least it doesn’t taste like a skunk took a bath in it. So I drink Michelob Ultra because it has fewer calories and doesn’t taste all that bad. And it doesn’t give me a headache if I drink too much. It’s definitely not the manliest beer to drink, but I’m manly enough to pull it off.

Admittedly, when I came back from living in Germany I had a hell of a time getting used to American beer again.

For myself, I will happily admit I regularly buy Miller Lite, High Life (preferably MGD, but I consider the two interchangeable), Guinness, Sam Adams, and Yeungling. Sam Adams, Guinness and Yeungling I would consider a significant cut above the rest. Miller Lite I buy because it’s dirt cheap. MGD I actually like.

I drink Yuengling and the non-Ultra Michelob. Both are fine beers.

I live in Portland, Oregon-we have bars that don’t sell any of these.

Guinness Forever!

Miller Lite is hardly beer by any reasonable definition but I still drink it. It’s good hot weather/working outdoor brew. When the day is done and I want something … good, I’ll grab something else but a couple of ice cold MLs wash the dust out of my throat nicely.

Corona is beer? I thought it was yellow water.

Come to Portland, and I will buy you beers that will make you forget Guinness forever.

It’s a ten minute walk for me to Ballast Point Brewery, and a ten minute drive to Alesmith. It’s hard not to be a beer snob when it’s so delicious and convenient.

Our refrigerator is kept stocked with Yuengling and Beck’s.

True dat. There is so much to choose from here, it truely lives up to the name “Beervana”. I picked “none of the above”, but will have a Sam Adams if in an airport bar that doesn’t have micros.

I drink Sam Adams products every so often.

I’ll guzzle a Bud or a Corona when I’m hanging with my dad, as that’s what he usually buys, but you’ll never see me buying that stuff. I’ve gone total snob on them. And believe me, I’ve filtered kegs full of Bud through my liver over the years. I just don’t like the taste of it now that I’ve been turned onto IPAs.

To elaborate-Brits attempt to smuggle out cases of our stout. Germans cry in frustration as they leave for the airport. Trappist monks come here to refresh their skills(and steal our recipes). Really, do you think we stay here for the weather?

Sam Adams, Bud Light, and Guinness I’ve all bought at some point. My FiL buys Corona, so I’ll drink those from time to time.

I sincerely doubt that. I love the beers of the Pacific Northwest, but there will always be a place for Guinness.

(And Sam Adams, for that matter. I drink my fancy microbrews, but when I want to unwind with a clean American lager, Sam Adams is my drink of choice.)

Unfortunately, the macrobrew choices I drink when I want to slum it aren’t available in this poll. The new formulation of Schlitz actually has flavor, and, being a Chicago boy, I kind of grew up on Old Style, so that’s my blue-collar beer if Schlitz is not available.

If I’m going for cheap beer I’m a fan of Miller Lite (or High-life if I’m in the mood for bottles). If I’m going for REALLY cheap beer I usually go with Natty Boh or Schlitz. I have a fantasy wherein I show up to a hipster party. When offered a PBR I say “No, PBR is too high-brow for me” and bust out my 30-pack of Schlitz. “Who’s slumming it now, bitches?”

If I want a beer and I’m somewhere that doesn’t have an extensive beer selection, Guinness is my default choice. I generally prefer dark strong-tasting beers and Guinness is often the only available brew that fits into those categories. Also, Guinness is still better than the other macrobrews out there.

Sam Adams has a wide variety of seasonal beers that are often extensively available and will try at least once. I especially liked their Double Bock.

Corona is my occasional guilty pleasure.

From that list, only Guinness. But I do drink some other, slightly less prominent ( in the U.S. ) macrobrews, like Newcastle and Negro Modelo.