My new beer of choice: Budweiser

At different points in my life, I’ve called it “goat spit”, “dog piss”, and “the stuff that drips from the t-shirt that the big smelly guy was wearing during his workout”. But now I’m drinking it. Budweiser. The King of Beers. I must now bow to my master: Anheuser-Busch. I don’t know how you did it, but you’ve converted me. There’s a reason why you’re the best selling beer in the world. There’s a reason why you can afford to advertise anywhere, any time. Let the newbies drink their Heineken, Guinness, Sam Adams and Corona. One day they’ll come around. No doubt about it. You had me at: “We’re out of everything except Budweiser.”

AHH, Bud heavy.
It’s my beer of choice, if I have to have beer.

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When I read that, a little twist on Dr. John came to mind:

I been in the right town,
But it musta been the wrong bar,
I ordered up the right drink,
but they brought it in the wrong can…

When I read that, a little twist on Dr. John came to mind:

I been in the right town,
But it musta been the wrong bar,
I ordered up the right drink,
but they brought it in the wrong can…

I am a recent convert to Bud-dom as well. However, it’s because I’ve been enlightened to the fact that Miller probably adds all kinds of crap to their brew. I’m no green-nik, but I don’t like the idea of being pickled by my beer. Bud’s got less chemicals and preservatives.

Guiness is still my beer of choice. And Arrogant Bastard Ale…mmm…Arrogant Bastard…

I am so sorry for your loss. Tell me…exactly how did you manage to kill every single tastebud in your mouth? Was it painful?

Bud = horsepiss. Period.

No, Coors = horse piss. Bud is just very generic.

I second that.

Rice sugar doesn’t belong in beer.

I have an uncle who is only 12 years older than me, so he’s more like a big brother. And he knows beer: he organizes a pub crawl in NYC every winter, and the main bar inclusion criteria is that they have a large (or unusual) beer selection. Well, one night when I was 22 or 23 years old, I was out drinking with my uncle and he bet me that in 5 years (when I’d be earning a better living and could therefore afford to drink better beer) I would no longer walk into a bar and order a Budweiser as my first choice. I was convinced that I would always be loyal to Bud, especially just five short years into the future, so I called him a beer snob, he called me an amateur, and we shook on it.

I lost the bet.

I came close to winning, because I mostly drank Bud for another 3-4 years after we made the bet, but (luckily) my uncle was right: by the time I hit the 5-year mark I was ordering Sam Adams or Bass as my ‘walk into a bar and order a beer’ beer. These days there’s no particular beer I order first (I like so many of them! :smiley: ), but it sure as hell ain’t Budweiser unless there’s no other choice.

I’m a recent convert away from Bud. Over to Miller Light. Turns out, their commercials are correct…it just tastes better. <shrug>

That’s funny, because Miller Lite is the beer that I converted away from. Before Miller Lite was Coors Light.

Guinness is my “walk into a bar and order a beer” beer, but lately I’ve become a Pabst Blue Ribbon drinker. Seven bucks and change for a 12-pack of bottles, and it tastes way better than any Bud or Miller product.

<Dennis Hopper> PABST BLUE RIBBON! </Dennis Hopper>

My dad used to drink Pabst.
Once when I was little, I wondered in the living room from the kitchen and asked if I could have a can. He didn’t look away from the tv, he assumed I had a pop. He said yes. By the time it was brought to his attention ( by my grandpa ) I had drank most of the Pabst.

I’m surprised this wasn’t the first response: NNNnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooo!

Oh well, at least that leaves more of the good stuff for the rest of us.

Being from St. Louis, I am a true Bud-lover.

I have tried other beers, but I always come back to Bud. I don’t like the ales, malts or dark brews. Nope. For me it’s got to be Bud, Lite, Ice or Dry in a frosty cold long neck!!

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Crunchy and I went to one of his friends gigs the other night. It was at a popular club on the riverfront here in St. Louis called Mississippi Nights. I knew that bottles would be priced pretty high so I was prepared to drink draft.

We got to the bar and ordered a pitcher of Bud. They don’t serve Bud. They don’t serve Anheuser products. WTH?! This is St. Louis!! The brewery is 5 minutes from there…

Anyway they served us Miller shudders. Needless to say I was pissed. Not only did we pay $10.00 for a pitcher of beer, but it as warm as piss!! Thankfully I’m always prepared…I grabbed a paper cup, asked for ice and proceeded to float it in the pitcher in an attempt to somewhat chill the beer. of course it didn’t change the taste any…it still tasted like piss.

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What about Kirin? :wink:

Sheesh. Your dad couldn’t even tear himself away from the TV long enough to complement you on the monster belch that always follows a PBR?

Miller’s is cat piss, Guinness is sheep piss, Sierra Nevada is dog piss, etc. Beer is piss and no matter what animal it comes from, it’s still urine and only fit to be drunk if you really need to get buzzed and there’s no liquor handy. Or paint thinner either, for that matter.

I only drink Bud - most other beers give me a bad hangover. I also only smoke Winstons. Boy, movin to Tenneessee and becoming a Dale Junior fan has really impacted my life. I wish I was joking. Next I’ll start using Nextel as my cell provider. Damn you NASCAR!!