Your beer of choice is?

I prefer Coors Banquet Beer. Crisp, clean. If I can’t have that, gimme a Fat Tire any time!

How bout you?

Hair Of The Dog’s Fred is delicious and, at close to 23 proof, a great way to finish the evening.

definitely Heineken… can’t stand most domestic beer


OR, if I’m at the Brickskellar in DC, where I can get different kinds, Ye Olde Snake Bite or this Heather Beer from Scotland that I forget the name of. GREAT stuff.

Oasis Brewery’s

Capstone Bitter Ale

It’s a good hearty bitter ale with a high alcohol content to boot. Stays with ya.

Don’t know. Right now, any cold one someone can bring me will be my favorite…

I’m unofficially sponsored on the Straight Dope Message Board by a local brew named “Fat Tire.” If we have already infiltrated your area, then you no doubt either love or hate us. If we haven’t invaded your roosting grounds yet, then just wait, we’re coming.

…paid for by somebody else.

Hey Mr. Sleep - you in Ft. Collins?

I’m in Boulder.

Fat Tire would be a close runner up - but I prefer it on tap rather than bottled…

ANYthing German. I mean that. I “brew-toured” throughout that most blessed land, and I never met a brew I didn’t like. I used to put it over pancakes every morning, it was so dam’ good. Living there was like…being in Hopyard Heaven.

Now I’m back in the 'States…3.2% Hell. Except for some fine micros. But most Merkin micros tend toward Brit stuff.

I got around the Yew Kay a bit, too, and I sampled a LOT of their wares. The Limeys are really proud of their brews, and (quoting the chick from the Irish Spring commercial here), “Oi loik 'em, too.” But I never met even ONE that I would pay money for if there vas ein Cherman brau in der haus, mein Herr.

I guess the thang I like best when in Old Blighty is Half and Half. No, not a fuckin’ Black and Tan, which is what every smart-ass that has the smallest bit of beer savvy thinks I’m talking about when I say H&H. It’s half IPA, half bitters, and it is the yummiest concoction you can get in The Sceptered Isles. Try one, you’ll see. Nothin’ better with pub food, either, mate.

Commander Fortune, what beer at Oasis would you suggest? I keep getting dragged down there, but never manage to pick a good one.

I’m partial to the Capstone ESB, but drink their Red beer also.

The Red is a much milder ale where the bitter is bitey and has a strong hop finish.

I personally shy away from the Blueberry, I don’t go for fruity beers, although I’m told it’s very good, if you like that sort of beer.

I am a cider girl. Bulmer’s and Scrumpy Jack. yummmm

Samuel Adams Boston Lager.


Though I hasten to add that any beer would probably kill me in most circumstances.

My goodness, in my tired state last night, I completely forgot to include Hefeweizen.

And there seems to be a number of colorado dopers turning up in this thread. Perhaps we all share a luv for beer.

Get some to the Boston area asap!

We had some when we visited Phoenix and really
enjoyed it.
Haven’t seen it in Boston yet, though.
My fave beers depend on when you ask.
Today it’s Harpoon IPA, Tremont Ale.


I do have to agree the Fat Tire is a mighty fine beer, but nothing can contend with that Irish standout, Guiness Extra Stout. If you are talking about hard cider I have to say Woodchuck Granny Smith cider. Good stuff.
On a minor side note, anyone out there seen Guiness Lite? One of my friends swears he saw it, but I think he is pulling my leg. I mean what is the point of drinking guiness if you can see through it?

Sorry folks, I can’t take it anymore.

It’s Guinness.