Michi Does Hawaii!

Well, not for another 6 months, but I’m going! I’m so excited! My father is finally in a finacial position to fly me out there come my next vacation. I have not seen my dad or my brother in over 10 years. I can’t wait! :slight_smile:

::happy dance::

Post photos Swimsuit photos. Say hi to your dad for me. I don’t know him, I just like to confuse people.MTS

Congratulations Michi? If this really is Michi. :wink:

Did I miss a name change somewhere?

Oh, how exciting! Which island does your family live on?

Yes, Michi=Cyndar. I had some computer probs a while back and asked that Michi be scrubbed…although I don’t think it was ever officially done.

My dad and bro live on Hawaii. I am not sure what the area is like where they live, but their address is simply Captain Cook, General Delivery, so I think it is pretty underdeveloped. They live in a little house my father built himself, and I don’t think they even have running water, so I might prefer to stay in a hotel.

And of course, I will have to up my exercise a notch, so I can look good in a bathing suit.

I second the swimsuit photos, and wish to add that you look good already, Michi.

You only think that because you have not seen me in a bikini. :slight_smile: Trust me, it isn’t pretty.

Here’s another vote for swimsuit pix. You post yours, Cyndar, and I promise to keep mine far, far away from here.

And one last thing – Maybe I need to get out more, but here’s my first thought on seeing the thread title:

** Michi Does Hawaii! **
And boy is her #*@!& tired!

Sorry everyone.

I need a nap.

Captain Cook is on the Big Island, a.k.a. Hawaii. I’ve heard of the place, although I didn’t get to see it when I went there a few years ago. I do know that it’s an old, historic town. The island of Hawaii has very laid-back feel to it. If the weather’s good, as it probably will be around that time of year (April or so, right?), you’ll have a great time.

Michi, surely you don’t want to travel all the way out there all by your lonesome. If you want, I would be willing to tag along in Hawaii to provide for you safety, security and well being. :wink:

… I will even be willing to carry your luggage.

And of course I need someone to rub suntan oil on me.

My friend Kerri might come with me. It’ll help with the expenses of a hotel room. Bear, you’ll have to handle your airfare out there, but you think you could stand shacking up in a hotel room with 2 chicks? Kerri is six foot two, by the way. :slight_smile:

I wonder how much it would cost to hijack that plane to LA? :wink:

Seriously, Michi, you deserve the great time I’m sure you’ll have.

[sub]Even though the last time I was in Hawaii, I didn’t enjoy it at all sniff. Stupid wedding. sniff[/sub]

Just got a great fare to Honolulu on ATA. I’m going for new year’s eve and the week after. Oahu, then the big island. Any Hawaiian Dopers have any suggestions on what to see or do?

It is the opinion of this doper that you would lok fantastic in anything that graced your body.

Or should that be Michied your body?

Great place to kick off the millennium, Random. :slight_smile:

I don’t know much about the Big Island, but I do have one recommendation for a place to visit there: Kilauea, the volcano.

As for Oahu:
Definitely hit a beach. Ala Moana and Waikiki are nice, but Kailua beach, on the east side of the island, is also worth checking out. Parking is horrible there, but mostly because it’s not as established as the others are. It’s also nearer to residences, as opposed to the others, which are near malls and hotels. Anyway, it’s just as pretty there, and, depending on when you go, it’s much less crowded.

If you do go to a beach, try to go either early in the day or later in the afternoon. That way, it’ll be less crowded, and you won’t deep-fry yourself during the dreaded 10am-2pm nuclear-sun hours. Bring lots of sunblock. You can pick some up at any ABC Store; in Waikiki, there is one ABC Store every 100 feet. I wish I was exaggerating.

Waikiki itself is an interesting place, and worth seeing. I myself have enjoyed playing tourist, walking through the marketplace to look at the cheesy clothing, jewelry, and goods sold by kiosk vendors. My recommendation is that if you do go to Waikiki, get your hands on a current and detailed map; the place has Pradas and Guccis and Niketowns springing up left and right.

Ala Moana is the main mall, or “maul”, as I prefer to call it. They’ve done renovations there in the last few years, and it’s looking pretty nice. It’s near Waikiki, and the bus system practically revolves around Ala Moana, so getting there isn’t much of a problem. (I don’t recommend driving if you are going to stay mostly within the Honolulu/Waikiki area.)

Pearl Harbor and Arizona Memorial are must-sees, for obvious reasons.

Beyond that, it’s really a matter of your tastes. I like our aquarium and zoo and botanical gardens, but I’m not sure if you dig that kind of stuff.

There are lots of free tour pamphlets and coupon books that could do a better job of suggesting activities. I’d be happy to get some out to you. Let me know if you’re interested.

I was in Hawaii about 12 years ago. Went snorkeling at Hunauma Bay. Large tropical fish swimming next to you, seemingly oblivious to your presence. Wonderful experience.
Definately go whale-watching!

What does it cost to fly out there? Maybe I could hide in your luggage?

Hey, Bear, if you want to start another fund-raising thread, I’ll actually contribute this time! Last time it was sour grapes! :wink: