Michigan Dopers, What Are They Going to Do With Tiger Stadium?

I don’t live in Michigan and I’m not even a Detroit Tigers fan but I was wondering what the plans are for Tiger Stadium. Are they still using it for anything? Are they going to tear it down soon?

According to an info blurb on this site , a local Detroit sports management team is trying to lure a frontier League franchise to Detriot to play in Tiger Stadium when the Tigers are out of town.

To get to the blurb, click on the American link in the upper left corner, then click on the past link, then click on the more link, then click on the Tiger Stadium link.

It is currently being used as a giant dust-collection unit. There was talk of getting a Little League team in there, but the idea seems to have died in the talking stage. In all likelyhood, Tiger Stadium will eventually be torn down, but I’m not aware of any immediate plans to do so.

Thanks for the info. I remember reading the movie 61* was shot there a couple years ago but I haven’t heard anything else about the stadium since. I’m actually slightly surprised it’s still up and still be considered for use (for now anyway).

I assumed it was already gone! I would suggest you dynamite the new stadium and move the Tigers back where they BELONG!

As cool as Comerica is, I wouldn’t be averse to that.

As long as they leave that little chinese place across the street open, I’ll be happy.

If nothing else, it makes a great landmark for giving people directions.

I’m not sure about Tiger Stadium, but the Silverdome, the Lion’s old home, is now a drive-in movie theater.

They also have alot of monster truck competitions at the 'Dome.

The Montreal Forum is a movie theater now, too. Kinda blasphemous if you think about it.