Michigan State Linebacker Issue

Why did MSU leave behind their All-American middle linebacker? All I ever heard is that he violated some team rule/policy. Anyone know the offense?

Playing college football, especially a bowl game, is a privilege, not a right.

I’m trying to find out what the player’s offense was.

Google is your friend.

Not this time. No info available. Apparently MSU is being very tight-lipped.

Google is my frenemy because all it turns up with is articles saying that MSU hasn’t announced what reason he was suspended for.

If Google doesn’t know, why would any of us?

Google probably doesn’t know why you’re being so weirdly hostile about this, but hey, maybe you do!

I was unaware I was being hostile. I thought sending people to Google was SOP here.

Good grief, lighten up Francis.

Purely a guess, but if there is nothing publicly discussed and no cops involved, I would GUESS that it is an academic problem (dishonesty or just flat out failing to maintain eligibility). In such cases, Universities are not allowed to say much, if anything.

Maybe he’s got midterms coming up…

Oh I don’t know, maybe someone interested in the topic might know of some sports forums where someone screenshotted a now-deleted tweet by one of his friends and it just hasn’t been spread around that much yet?

That was my theory.

I do wonder why you’re posting so much when you have no helpful information.

Because I wondered why the poster wasn’t going to places that would have the info he wants.

And how would you know where I did or did not search?

Take a nap.

He was a second team academic All-American last year, entered this year with a 3.56 GPA in finance.

As Ann Landers used to say MYOB.

Moderator, I respectfully request that you lock this thread. All such threads that are started on the Spartantailgate board are locked and I would gratefully appreciate if this one would be as well.

Geez, between etv78’s caustic unhelpfulness and Kitten Mitten’s odd demand that another board rules should apply here, I’m surprised this isn’t in the Pit.

For what it’s worth, I’m curious about what happened too. Other schools announce academic eligibility problems, so I guess it isn’t that. A legal issue would show up in the police blotter, so I don’t think it’s that either. I wonder if he got mouthy with a coach?