Microsoft Excel - Alt-Tab equivalent?

Quick Question. Manny, if this belongs in another forum, please do move it.

In Excel, is there a way to switch between documents with a quick keystroke? I’m looking for something like how Alt-Tab moves you between applications.


You want to move between different workbooks in Excel - not go to an entirely different app, right? Try Ctrl-Tab.

Well, I didn’t find one keystroke that would do it for you. However, you can do an “alt + W” and then hit whatever number you want to switch to. While it’s a little cumbersome at first, after a few seconds, it felt more comfortable.

sigh…Or you could just follow MissBunny’s advice, which was much more helpful than mine. What’s really sad it right after I read it, I remember that trick being one of the one’s that a friend of mine used when teaching Excel.

Ctrl-PageUp, Ctrl-PageDown = different worksheets in the same workbook
Ctrl-Tab = different workbooks you have open

Any keystroke to move between Word or PowerPoint docs? I tried the ones mentioned above for Excel, and they don’t work.

I think only the Alt-W-(document #) works in PPT and Word.

Thank you, missbunny!!!

Well, thanks to you all, but special thanks to missbunny!

For Word, try <CTRL>+<F6>. I can’t speak to PowerPoint.

You’re welcome, Mr. Cynical :slight_smile:

Hey, that Ctrl-F6 works in PPT too! I had to use two hands (not very convenient) until I discovered that if you use your thumb on the Ctrl key and your pinkie on the F6, you can do it with one hand. (Use your right hand for the Ctrl key on the left side of keyboard and your left hand for the right-hand key.)