Microsoft Outlook headache

Here’s the problem:

I switched my old computer for a new one. The old computer was a laptop and I had Outlook 2007 on it. The new one is a desktop with Outlook 2010.

I moved the archived folders to the new computer, and set up the new Outlook program to talk to the email server. The archived emails are sitting in a “Personal Folders>inbox” section on 2010 Outlook, and new emails show up under a section that is headed with my email, i.e. “”>inbox. So far, so good.

Emails have been downloaded and read for the past few weeks on the new computer. I haven’t used Outlook on the old one since the new one was put online.

I went to the server site today to check on spam, and there were all of the past few weeks’ incoming emails sitting in the server inbox. I thought ‘glitch’ and deleted them off the server. Unfortunately, now they’re gone from the Outlook 2010 inbox also.

Why would that happen, and how can I stop it from happening again?

When you set up your account in Outlook, did you go to the “More Settings…” and uncheck “Leave a copy of messages on the server” in the Advanced tab? I’m presuming you set the account as POP3.

If you use IMAP, then the mail stays on the server until you delete it from Outlook, or if you delete it on the server, it disappears from Outlook. Is that what your account is set as?

When I read the title of this thread, I thought that it would be discussing a new software release entitled “Microsoft Outlook Headache.”

Seemed plausible to me, though a bit unusual that Microsoft would be so candid in naming their software.

Do I have a choice as to either IMAP or POP3? I thought it was set up as POP3, but I did see something that said IMAP, that was grayed out. I’ll go back and look again.

Okay, just looked at it again and it’s set as an IMAP account. When I click on change, it won’t allow me to change that field. Leaving all these emails on the server is very clumsy. Is there no way to change this?

Delete and recreate the account as pop3, mail in your exiting outlook inbox will be unaffected.

Thanks, I’ll give it a shot.

I deleted the old account and created a new account. I had to use the manual set-up, as Outlook wants to set up an IMAP account by default for some reason.

No luck. I copied the incoming and outgoing information, set it at POP3, entered the username and password for the server, and the server rejected authorization. Any suggestions?

I may have to call the provider to get it straightened out.

If the account is IMAP, then it doesn’t really make much difference to you, except that it means you would have your email available from any other computer you might set the account up on. Just remember not to delete email off the server if you still want it.

As mentioned, I don’t have a huge amount of storage space on my email server, so that doesn’t really work.

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