Microsoft Virtual Machine

I was participating in an online conference the other day, which was implemented as a Java applet in a browser. Internet Explorer told me I needed the Virtual Machine to be able to run it, so I went to the Windows Update page and totally failed to find it. Have they withdrawn this product completely now, because of lawsuits and/or general pissiness, or am I just looking in the wrong place?

I have IE 5.0, if that makes any difference.

I hope the link works

Microsoft Virtual Machine for Windows 98

Better get IE 5.5+


To the best of my knowledge, having 5.5 doesn’t matter. It’s part of Visual Studio or something…I don’t know the innerds of it all but I have downloaded Virtual Machine on Win98 computers many times in the past…specifically with 5.0.

It didn’t work for me because of that wrap problem with long URLs, but I think this is the same place you were pointing to: Microsoft Virtual Machine for Windows 98
[sub](Someday they will fix that long URL problem, I know they will, I just know it.)[/sub]


techchick was right (and really, is she ever wrong?) It worked fine, even with my 5.0 browser. The link also worked for me. I don’t know why JimB had trouble with it.

I’m not sure why they make it so hard to find, but maybe I was looking for it wrong. I tried the automatic download from the Internet that popped in IE. I also tried the Window’s Update pages and a search of the site. All to no avail. I really wish pages would be coded to use the Java plugin rather than the applet tag. I have no trouble finding the plugin.

Thanks techchick!

No problem Greg.

I have been known to be wrong, or not have all the facts though :wink:

Anyhow, as far as finding stuff on Microsoft’s website, I used to be a reseller (tax license and all) and usually have better luck finding files and such via:

This gives you a better way to access files, just hit the Support site from there then downloads.

I wasn’t taking anything away from techchick. She is right as usual.

The problem I had has to do with the way vB wraps long URLs. It adds a space after about 100 characters. Netscape leaves the space in the URL and the URL doesn’t work. IE translates the space to “%20” and inserts it into the URL. In this case it doesn’t cause a problem, sometimes the extra translated space does cause a problem.

I just found a URL to the same page that techchick referenced that would work with Netscape, too.

Sorry about the sidetrack.


techchick68, if you update to IE 5.5+, it gives the option to put in fancy things like Java if you don’t have them. That’s why I suggested that answer :slight_smile:

Well handy, had you explained as much in your first post we all might be on the same plain. :wink:

'Sides, 5.0 works just fine for many and not everyone has the speed nor the time to spend downloading it. Then again, one could order the CD but what fun is that?