Microsoft Visual Studio vs. Visual Studio Express

I’m trying to quickly bone up on ASP.NET in anticipation of some job interviews coming up. I am doing this using the free Microsoft Visual Web Express. How close is the functionality/user interface of this to the Microsoft Visual Studio Web Designer? Where do they differ? Etc.

Any and all comments that might help me nail one of these interviews would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe I should have asked if anyone has ever used Microsoft Visual Web Express.

It’s pretty good for basic stuff - I’ve used it on production servers for debugging in cases where we don’t want to pay for another license just for the occasional debugging session.

My big complaint about it is that it doesn’t allow me to attach to a running process and debug. But that’s something that you don’t do very often, so it’s not a huge limitation.

You can download a fully functional 90 day trial version of Visual Studio Professional from Microsoft:

I’ve not used the Express version, so I can’t answer. You might find better answers at these two links:

I’ve found the StackOverflow crowd can be a little rough - so I would search before posting.

Many thanks for this link!

And thanks to all.