VB.Net Question

Hi! I am developing a small asp website to connect to a database and view and manupulate the data. The choices I have are using VB studio 6 (interdev 6) or VB Studio .Net. I am not good in writing HTML code and I saw that with VB. Net you don’t have to write html codes as the program writes for you. Now I need to convince my boss to get VB. Net. I wasn’t able to find any comparison between VB 6 and VB Studio .NET to show him and prove my point. Can anyone please help me out? With any convincing information. Thank you very mych in advance.


Go to


And search on VB6 VB.NET COMPARE or the like, and I’m sure you’ll find tons of discussions.

It’s hard to know how to convince your boss. What languages are you familiar with? Where’s this going to run? Are you able to have the .NET files running on the server? Will there be a payoff for whatever learning curve there may be with .NET?

Well, I have used both Interdev (VB 6 does not do what you are asking) and VS.NET. As a software architect I have led many teams using both apps as well as coded many hours in both myself.

Tell your boss this: The ease of use of VS.NET over Interdev is quite significant. This translates directly into large and noticable productivity gains. People can say what they will about .NET as a concept or a set of languages, but VS.NET alone makes it all worthwhile.

However, if you really intend to take full advantage of .NET for your little project, you will need to learn an entirely new programming paradigm. While it is technically possible to write old-stlye ASP pages in VS.NET, it’s not any easier to do than it was in Interdev. This also requires that you install the .NET runtime on your server, something your IT folks may be loathe to do.

So that’s your decision: It should be possible to convince your boss to spring for VS.NET because it REALLY WILL make the project go much faster, but you in turn have to be willing to put in some work and learn a new way of programming.