Microsoft Word 11 question- Need help fast!

For a class that I am in I have to make and print out a billboard. The orientation is supposed to be 16x7. My library can print out pages in 11x17, but the paper is only in landscape format which won’t work. However if I could print it vertically it would work.

Is there a way for me to take my billboard which is technically landscape and have it print out vertically? I can’t find anywhere that lets me do this. In the simplest terms I just want to turn the entire thing sideways and print it like that.

Edit: I know that there is a way to change just the picture…but I want the entire page flipped

Can’t you just change the print orientation in the Page Setup or Print dialog?

No, because all that does is change the page from landscape to regular.

I’ve actually given up on this for the night…I can turn it in by the end of the day tomorrow so I’ll just ask everyone else how they did it.

Thanks TimeWinder!

Is Word 11 different? Every version of Word I’ve used will let you manually set the dimensions of the page. You set it landscape, and then set it to match the dimensions of the paper (not the work). You then tweak the margins to make the extra parts blank.

This .DOC file should show you what I mean. (I purposefully did not calculate the margins on the finished product. Just add to the existing margins.)

Simply trim off the excess when you are finished.