Microsoft Word 2007 (OS X) help

When I open a new document, the rulers show a page that’s ~11"X14". Page Setup is set to US Letter. I never noticed, so when I go to print, much of my document is getting cut off. I can’t figure out how to fix this. I want a new document’s setting to match the Page Setup setting of US Letter. And I want to change the setting of the document (one I’ve spent hours on) to one that fits on a standard 8.5X11 without screwing up the formatting.

How do I fix this?


Without having to reformat at all? The only thing I can think of doing is seeing if your printer has magnification settings. Set the magnfication to 78%, and it should fit.

However, if you’d be okay with the text wrapping differently and there being more pages, you ought to be able to fix this by highlighting the whole document and then adjusting the rulers on top an bottom, by dragging the right and bottom sides until it fits into 8.5 x 11.

If that works, we’ll get back to you on how to make this the default settings from now on.