Microsoft Word and Tracking - can't turn it off!

So I’m working with template documents at work in Microsoft Word. Every time I open the thing, Track Changes is turned on. If I turn it off, save as something else, when I open that document it’s on again. What’s going on?

What version? Which OS?

Hrm. Have to get back here tomorrow after work when I can check.

From this link:

Open the (2003) or Normal.dotm (2007) file, turn track changes off, save the file. Then try opening one of your template documents. See if that fixes it.

It’s Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Word 2003 SP3. I’ll give the links a try tomorrow.

I actually know the answer to this question as I had this problem with a document before.

In order for track changes to NOT open each time you open the document you MUST accept ALL changes, comments etc… before you save and close it. As long as there are unaccepted changes the track changes view will always open up.

So go in, hit the “Accept all changes” button on the review toolbar, turn off track changes and then save the file.

That will solve your problem guarunteed.

I had this problem with a document a while back that kept opening up with the comments pane on the right exposed no matter what I did or how I saved/changed settings. Only after I accepted all changes did it stop doing this.

Thanks everyone.