Microsoft Word help needed urgently!

Im typing something up in MSWord and i have encountered a problem.

If i start to type something, before something that is already there, it over writes what is already there.

E.g If i have the word “Help” written down, and i move my cursor to just before the H and i type B, i will have “Belp” written down instead of “BHelp”.

What have i done?
How do i fix it?

Hit the Insert key.

Are you serious?

If so, try pressing the ‘insert’ key.

thankyou both very much.
Moreso Q.E.D because he didnt make me feel so stupid.
But still thanks for Starving But Strong for making me feel stupid.

Sorry, Mr. Sherbet. It just sounded like a set up for a Whooosh! to me.

Yeah, in the future hitting F1 is quicker :slight_smile:

This might be a hijack, but how does Microsoft Word (and other word processing systems) get stuck that way, anyway? Why do you have to hit the Insert key?

Because you hit it one time before and now you toggle back. And, it’s not WORD, it’s Windows.

Actually, maybe not. If you’ve never used the insert key, and don’t know the term ‘overtype’ what would you search for?

BTW, I program so use Insert occasionally - but I’m not sure it’s common enough to really justify a key. Does anyone use it anymore?

But I never use the insert key for anything.

On my keyboard, it’s to the right of the backspace key. I’ll accidently hit it pretty often.