Microwave Steak recs needed ITT

I usually just throw em in the toaster, but these badboys were on sale at the local megamart and wont fit in the toaster slots.

Im working with a 1500 watter, btw, as I take chefing seriously.

Need a quick and easy recipe. Ive already marinated them in Dales and have them slathered in ketchup. Just not sure how long and on what setting to nuke them. Looking for medium rare, of course.


1 min on high, …enjoy!

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In spite of this section of the forum being called the BBQ Pit, it isn’t generally about cooking meat. :slight_smile:


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Have your sous chef pan grill them, of course.

Microwaving heats water (mostly), which is inside the steaks. You’ll likely get horrible steaks; if you’re lucky you’ll just get really sub-par ones. If you want perfect medium-rare steaks, you need a sous-vide machine and a few seconds under a broiler. I found sous-vide machines too expensive so I use my dishwasher (minimal soap, top rack, no dry cycle).

May I suggest a pairing? A nice pruno, something in a Libby’s fruit cocktail varietal, not too jammy, let’s say a 2014?

Philistine. 2014 was all nose.

Correction: the spring 2014 vintage had an unpleasant bouquet, largely due to residual traces of tachyon particles brought on from fluxations in the capacitors that year. This was cleared up by the summer season (which was okay at best), and fall 2014 will be notable and very rare for several years ago now.

Steak in the microwave?! Blasphemy!!

Don’t matter how powerful it is.

Can’t make nachos, though…Kip at all the freakin’ chips.

Ow! I popped my ears trying to hold in laughter at that one! Reminder: Don’t read Straight Dope at work!

BTW, WTH is ‘Dales’?

I never heard of “Dales” either, so I Googled it. Apparently, it’s a brand of marinade from Birmingham, Alabama.

Holy crap!! The OP is apparently from the land of great BBQ and smoking and grilling and such and he wants to microwave a steak?!! :eek:

The mind, it just boggles.

Anybody that puts ketchup on a steak cooked in a microwave belongs firmly in the Pit.

Come on. Do you really think he asked that question in earnest?

I don’t care if he asked it in Bert, the mind still boggles.

And what do Sesame Street characters have to do with steak?


You seem to miss that he claims to “normally” make them in the toaster but these are too big to fit in the slots. I suspect he may be having a little bit of fun with this thread.

But now, I really want to try to make a steak in my toaster just so I can say I’ve done so.