Mid-July Botticelli

Your letter is S

IQ1: Is your character Harriet Vane a thinly veiled self-portrait?
IQ2: Are you a mystery writer whose tales are set in republican Rome?
IQ3: Are you a Canadian science fiction writer?


  1. Did you and your partner basically pioneer catalogue sales?
  2. Are you the author of Ozymandias?
  3. Did you play Gloria on All in the Family?


Were you FDR’s Secretary of War?
Were you a master violinist and composer referred to in the Sherlock Holmes stories?
Was it revealed, long after your death, that you might have had a fling with a diplomat from a hostile country?

Ministre-3 DQs

Prof-Not Sally Struthers, 2 DQs

EH-Not Stinson, 2 DQs

#1. is Dorothy L. Sayers. Her detective Lord Peter Wimsey became romantically involved with the mystery writer Harriet Vane starting with the novel Strong Poison.
#2. is Steven Saylor, whose novels and short stories feature the character Gordianus the Finder, set in the time of Sulla.
#3. is Spider Robinson (though there are at least two other Canadian Science Fiction writers who would qualify). Best known for the Callahan series of books.

DQ1. Are you real?
DQ2. Are you male?
DQ3. Is ‘S’ the initial of your last name?

1.Fictional Character
3.S is my 1st initial


  1. From a work by an American author or authors?

I’ll save the other for now.

It was Stimson, but close enough.
Pablo Sarasate.
Wallis Simpson, wife of the Duke of Windsor, had an, er, close relationship with von Ribbentrop, the German foreign minister.


Would be alive now, if were real?


Are you a ladies’ man played by someone who is anything but?
Did your teacup break just before an emergency?
Did you give your spy delicious pastries?

BTW, mine were Richard Sears (of Sears & Roebuck, now Sears Dept. Store), and Percy Blysshe Shelley.

IQ1: Are you a Roman historian?
IQ2: Did you seek the Lost Chord?
IQ3: Are you a prog rock lyricist?


Not Solon
Not Steven Sills

Up-to-date DQ answers

DQ: Are you best known from a TV show or series?


  1. Did you anoint the first king of Israel?
  2. Did you attempt to eat a yellow cartoon bird?
  3. Are you the wife of Thor?

#3. Well, Steven Stills is a lyricist, so I guess I’ll take that. (Though I’ve never heard anything he’s done described as ‘prog rock’…)

#1. Solon is Greek, and not an historian. I was after Suetonius, who is best known for his work The Twelve Caesars.

#2. is Sir Arthur Seymour Sullivan - best known for his comic operettas written in collaboration with W. S. Gilbert. ‘The Lost Chord’ is the title of a famous religious song composed by Sullivan.

DQ1 - The ‘work’ that you come from, whatever it may be - was it created before 1900 AD?

I’ll reserve a DQ, if I may…


Sorry EH. :o

3 DQs

Prof: Not Sylvester the Cat. (Tweety Bird’s arch-nemesis)

2 DQs

DQ info

1.Fictional Character
2.1st initial is “S”
4.Not from Literature
5.Created by Yanks
6.Created after 1900
7.From TV

Samuel anointed King Saul; Sif was Thor’s wife.


  1. Is the show currently running?
  2. Is the show a sitcom?