Middle-aged, forced into circle beard, or heavy beard?

I never had any interest in the shaving bullshit. But especially in summer, the sweat, and itching of a full beard is not for me. So I have spent the last 15 or so summers with a 7-8mm trim. My facial hair has always been somewhat light redish in color, and has of course had the heavier eat-hole circle as is natural in the species.

I have noticed lately as I pass through late 40, more and more grey works into my general beard, but the mouth circle is unaffected. So the “general sense of avoiding complete neglect” that truly is my style, is gone. And from my sense of passing by mirrors is, looking more and more like a circle that just stopped trimming the rest as a permanent condition.

I suspect that it doesn’t look as obvious to others as it does to you. I would vote for: keep doing what you have been doing.

Once you grow it out, it stops itching.