Midi Help

My uncle has a Yamaha electric piano with Midi input/output plugs in the back that appear to be 5 pin din plugs. What he wants to do is to be able to connect the piano to his computer to read and record songs that he composes. Right now, he doesn’t have any way to connect the Midi plugs to his computer. He wants to know what he needs to connect to the computer and what software he needs to manage the music. He mentioned some program called Cakewalk (for sequencing), but I have never heard of that. Any help from the folks at SD will be appreciated.

Incidentally, the software he wants must be in Spanish because he doesn’t speak nor does he read English or any other language for that matter. Thanks.

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Your uncle will need either specialized hardware to install in the computer to plug in the MIDI cables, or a 5-pin to 15-pin adapter that plugs into the sound card.

Cakewalk is one of the more inexpensive notation/sequencing software available. Finale, Encore, and Sibelius are some of the expensive, professional-quality titles available. Don’t know if any of them are available in Spanish. Has he tried his local music or computer store?

There’s a free basic version of Finale, called Notepad, which should do what’s needed - I’ve linked to the Spanish version download page, but no promises about the quality of the translated version.

If his computer has sound onboard the motherboard, there’ll be no 15-pin socket to connect the MIDI sockets to. The easiest option is a USB-MIDI interface, such as this.

You need only a MIDI-game port cable. Here is an example that was just a top list from a Google search. Not in any way endorsing that brand or web site. But the price is in the “typical” range.

I have made my own such cables, wiring diagrams can also be Googled.

GorillaMan… I downloaded the free version of Finale Notepad that I will take to him. It is the Spanish version, so perhaps he will be satisfied with that.

ftg… I think he is going to have to have a cable manufactured locally because his piano is about 20 - 25 feet away from his computer. I suppose they can make that cable. They make almost everything that you need at the Computer Mall here. It shouldn’t be too difficult.

Easier than having a cable made would be to get female-female inline connectors, which would allow him to connect standard MIDI cables end-to-end. See here, about halfway down the page.

But in my experience, he’ll be better off getting the computer and piano closer together, otherwise he’ll walk a marathon back and forth between the two.

GorillaMan… I think he is going to connect the piano by midi din connector to USB, so he can get a USB extension to connect to the computer. I think that basically it is all his problem. All he wants to do is to play the piano and record that on his computer. How he does that is not my problem because I am not inclined to record music etc…