Midtown question

So I just moved here from Chicago. In most ways, it’s like Chicago, only bigger. But, I can’t find a goddamn burrito joint. There has to be one, right? A place where I can drop five bucks and get a burrito the size of my head? Even a chain would be fine. But where is it? I work on Madison b/t 55th and 56th, anywhere within a mile radius is probably doable…


Josh: I can’t help, but I can sympathize.

Fifteen months ago I moved from Chicago to Rochester, NY. Granted Rochester is much smaller than Chicago and Midtown, so I wasn’t expecting to find a local ethentic shop. But, Lord, I do miss those greasy 3 am burritos. :frowning:


52nd Between 3rd & Lex

That should do the trick

nice. I’ll check it out tomorrow. Nouveau, where’d you live in Chicago?

Yeah, burritoville’s your best bet. I like the sunrise.

I came here from Colorado 11 years ago and the Mexican Food situation has improved, but not by a whole lot. So many places out west smother stuff in green chile sauce, which I love. I haven’t been able to find anything like that around here. Mary Ann’s ain’t bad if you want <$10 a plate stuff and fresh chips & salsa and a stiff margarita.