Might Mouse vs Mickey Mouse

Did the producers of the short-lived cartoon character “Mighty Mouse” ever get in trouble withe the Disney legal people?
They look very close-of course, Mickey did not have super poweres.
Still, there is an old saying… “don’t mess with the mouse”-Disney guards its copyrights very careflly.
Was there a close enough resemblance such that Disney might have sued them?

Mighty Mouse has been around since 1942 and I couldn’t find anything about Disney legally going against the creators of Mighty MOuse anywhere.

I don’t think it would have been worth Disney’s time to assert that their rights were infringed on by the creators of Mighty Mouse.

The design and character of Mighty Mouse doesn’t owe anything to Mickey. They resemble each other only so far as they are both anthropomorphic mice. Mighty Mouse isn’t nearly as stylized as Mickey, and they don’t have any elements in common which aren’t derived from actual mice or from cartooning conventions which predated Disney.