Mighty Boosh fans?

I’ve got the DVD set. Fuckin love it. These guys are genius! Are they very popular in the UK? From talking to people that have watched it most either love it or completely don’t get it/hate it.

Also, is this show officially dead? Sad if true. Oh well, the candle that burns twice as bright etc.

Favorite eps? Characters?

Lets talk Boosh.

I saw them live a couple of times in Melbourne (Arctic Boosh and Autoboosh) and they were great but, as you say, they don’t appeal to everyone.

The Legend of Milky Joe is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on TV. Noel Fielding also does a good impersonation of Kate Bush in the Wuthering Heights video.

I thought they were well and truly finished but the Wikipedia page mentions plans for a film.

Do a search, I know there’s some posts about it. I watched it here in the US when Cartoon Network first ran it a couple years ago. Great show, worthy of repeat viewings! Reminded me of The Young Ones from 25+ years ago…

Well I’m long past studenthood (which could be seen as their target audience) but find their absurdist humour very funny. Then again I’m a big fan of Reeves and Mortimer so it is bound to be right up my street, nonsense wordplay and surreal characters etc.

“I’m old Greggggggg!”
“have you ever drunk Bailey’s from a shoe?”
“It’s the siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide panel of a tractor”
“Miso,miso…oriental prince in the land of SOUP”

All will mean nothing to the layman but evoke happy chuckles to those in the know.

Real highlight of TV for me - can’t think of much that comes close, going back years. Peep show, league of gentlemen maybe - it’s top drawer. I mean Old Gregg - what else is there to say?

I think it has run its course. Film would no doubt be funny but wouldn’t add a great deal if shows like the league of gentlemen are any guide. Noel had an absurdist series of his own that ran last year - it was bobbins from the bits I saw, and Julian Barratt keeps a low profile on TV. Think they very much need the two of them to make stuff happen.

I’m of the view that the more absurdist the humor, the more it needs a framework of normality to push against and give it context for the viewer. I saw some of the early stage Boosh stuff and it was a lot of weird anarchic semi-random stuff rattling around, occasionally hitting, occasionally missing, but mostly lacking anything to differentiate it from “a couple of guys just doing pointless weird shit”. Much as I think Shooting Stars with its gameshow format is a better vehicle for Vic and Bob than some of their previous shows where they got to do pretty much anything, and in the same way that I think Harry Hill is funnier in the context of TV Burp and the TV review format than in The Harry Hill Show where he got to do pretty much anything, once the Boosh got a proper half hour-ish “sitcom” their ability to play with the familiar format in a new and interesting way really brought out the best in them. (All IMHO, anyway.)

I saw a few episodes of Fieldings’ show (“Modern Comedy”, wasn’t it?) and it once again lacked any sort of parameters to distinguish it from “weird guy arsing around on a TV budget”, and this time it even lacked the foil of Barratt. Some funny bits but mostly just oddness.

You might also be interested in the movie Bunny and the Bull which was made by many of the same team as the Mighty Boosh. It’s a rather touching, surreal, road trip, romance story.

Every time I make soup I get their Soup Song stuck in my head for days.

I loved the first two series but wasn’t too keen on the third. I missed things like the little chats they’d have in front of the curtain in series one for example.

Of all the episodes I’m very fond of Milky Joe, Old Gregg, Tundra and the one where they end up in monkey hell.

I think Rich Fulcher is hilarious as well.


Although I get the feeling that Noel and Julian have little patience for him.

One of my favorite bits wasn’t even on the show, it was on a commentary. They all started rapping “James Mason…Mason…Mason… I’m James Mason… No I’m James Mason.” in, of course very passable James Mason impersonations. Completely random. It’s stuck in my mind forever.

Also the Crack Fox. Ha!

I love The Boosh! I’ve got the DVD set, a custom “monkey head” T-shirt and emblems on my Jeep!

Hard to pick a favorite, but I like the episodes featuring the Cockney Geezer. “Eels” is great!

Of course, I frequently quote a line from “Tundra”: When Frost gets killed, Vince looks down at those red and black cowboy boots and says, “I’m havin’ them.” :smiley: Makes me laugh!

I was hiking on a lava-flow in Hawaii, and came across a pile of lava that looked just like Bolo’s face! I called my wife over and said, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” She looks down and starts laughing.

I would totally buy a Rudi and Spider album.

How about a “Slap Bass” album?

And do you have any Gary Neuman?

Could never get into it, though I like “Soup.” Fielding’s good on “Never Mind The Buzzcocks” though.

I love Rudi in this episode and the music is cool but for some reason this is my least favorite ep. By far.

And I have totally rediscovered Gary Neuman because of the Boosh. “Are Friends Electric” “I dream of wires” great songs. It would be cool to have Gar in a cabinet. Trapped.
“Captain Cabinets
Trapped in cabinets.”

I could go on and on…