Migrating I-Phones?

I currently have an Iphone 5. Nephew picked up a 7 on sale and is sending it to me. It’s my general understanding that I need to run the Icloud backup on the 5, pull the SIM card from 5, stick it in 7 and then download from the cloud.

Just looking for some assurance that this is going to bring over contacts, pictures, texts, etc. It’s my impression that all I’ll need to do after that is download again the apps that I have been using.

Does this sound complete?

Yep. You detailed what I did a year ago.

Just to be sure, are you actually paying for iCloud storage space? Because the free 5 GB of iCloud probably isn’t going to be enough to back up your photos.

If you aren’t paying for an iCloud tier, make sure to back up your iPhone locally on your computer.

The assumption we’re making for you is you’re backing up via iCloud?

I don’t back up via iCloud, I back up manually via my MacBook pro. I just plugged my new phone in and then copied over from my mac. I believe all apps and their data moved over.

If you do a local backup using itunes to a computer (mac or PC) and choose to encrypt the backup with a password, that backup will contain all the passwords saved on your iphone5 and move them to the 7. If I remember correctly an iCloud backup will require you to re-enter all your account passwords the first time you try to check your mail. If that’s not a problem then iCloud is great and convenient.