Migration Fees

Last month I changed the services on my cell phone to save some money. The rep never once mentioned that I would get blasted with “migration fees.” Two hundred dollars on each phone.

On top of that, I was told that we would have unlimited texting. Instead, I am getting charged $2.60 per text.

Am I screwed? Is there any way at all out of this? Does it matter that I wasn’t informed of the fees? Is this an expensive learning experience?

And will I get blasted again when they fix the damn texting?

I was thinking of writing to their customer relations address instead of just calling (I tried calling an hour ago, and since it’s after hours I think I was sent straight to India. The guy I spoke to couldn’t tell me anything helpful, and unfortunately I could barely understand him. So I have to wait until Monday, anyway.). Does anyone think a letter might get more positive results?