Miguel Ferrer RIP

Loved him in Hot Shots Part Deux (“War! It’s fannnntastic.”)


He worked steadily in TV from the 1980’s with some great characters along the way, and long runs in Crossing Jordan, NCIS: Los Angeles, and Twin Peaks. I always liked the gravitas he brought to roles, a characteristic he shared with his father.

He was awesome in Twin Peaks, but my favorite role of his was the executive in the original RoboCop. RIP.

I won’t buy that for a dollar.
:frowning: R.I.P. Miguel

What? Wow. 61 is not that old.

Aw, hell. He was one of my favourite actors. (So was his father.) He was great in Twin Peaks (‘Look, it’s trying to think!’), and as Bud Budwaller in On The Air.

I remember him as Lloyd Henreid in* The Stand*.

That’s awful to hear–yes, 61 is too young. Wikipedia is saying ‘throat cancer.’ Horrible. He was so memorable in so many roles; condolences to his wife and children.


He was also a member of Bill Mumy’s band The Jenerators

Turns out this thread is one minute earlier.

Great actor, I’ll really miss him on the screen. His character in Twin Peaks was pure gold. And it’s good to know that he will be in the revival of the show (he’d already filmed his part.)

Damn, just…damn.

Loved him in Twin Peaks. If I wasn’t a complete coward who seeks approval of others, I’d live my life like that character. :smiley:

“Oh yeah, well I’ve had about enough of morons and half wits, dolts, dunces, dullards and dumbbells … and you, you chowder-head yokel, you blithering hayseed — you’ve had enough of me?”

Enh…merge, lock. Whatever.

I forgot about that. That scene in the cell with Ray Walston was perfect. Played it just as it appeared in my head.

Oh my goodness. :frowning:

He did a great turn on Will & Grace as an arrogant New York publicist who hired Grace to decorate his place on the condition that she get him a date with Will. But when he’s with Will, he’s always correcting him, nitpicking him, and just generally being snotty and obnoxious. But Will can’t get rid of him. Finally Will has a great idea-- he turns the tables. Will confronts the guy and says in a drippy, lovestruck voice that he can’t hide it any more. He wants them to move in together and, “I want to have cats with you.” Then Will says, “I’ve already thought of their names (something like) ‘Snugglemuffins’ and ‘Cuddleshanks.’” Needless to say, Miguel stares at Will for one nanosecond and just walks away. One of my absolute favorite episodes.

Dang-- 61 is very young.

War! It’s fantastic. [smile]


…and I honestly thought he was younger…

"What the fuck are you doing? Do you know who I am? If you think you’re gonna get away with this, you got another thing… "

The first time I ever saw Miguel Ferrer was in an episode of Magnum, P.I. I was already a big fan of José Ferrer, and Miguel was playing the young José in flashback sequences. I was fascinated, and I’ve been a big fan of Miguel’s ever since. My favorite of his roles was Dr. Macy on Crossing Jordan. It’s very sad to see him die so young. :frowning: