Miguel Ferrer RIP

Great picture of Ferrer here.

Sigh. It’s another sad moment in law enforcement history.

I guess the Grim Reaper didn’t care about getting double pay.

How bizarre is it that he’s George Clooney’s cousin?

Merged two threads about this.

He was as good at acting as his cousin is at being handsome. So of course who was/is the bigger star… Life ain’t fair.

As well as Rosemary Clooney’s son.

That is good to know.

Sorry to be depressing, but for people who think 61 is very young…

This Star Trek tribute film has a *disturbing * amount of people who died young. Hell, John Anderson only lived to 69, and it felt like he was playing old people forever.

Not arguing, I also feel like he died too young. Just making an observation that more and more WE are going to start thinking “That’s not old!!”

Aw, no. I really liked him, especially in* Crossing Jordan.*

Aw, man. Fuck 2017.

And Debby Boone’s brother in law.

That’s a good episode. Don’t forget it also has June and Anne Lockhart also playing the different age versions of their characters.

And I, too, thought he was younger than he was.

I loved his character on Twin Peaks and his relationship with Sheriff Truman.

Rest in peace.

On the same page again, ThelmaLou :slight_smile: I’m sure I’d seen Mr. Ferrer in other things but this is the thing that stands out for me (another great W & G guest star). I think he was going to name the cats “Grizabella and Skimbleshanks” (?)

Yeah. True.
Q: Do think George Clooney would care if any of us died?
Yeah, its like that out there.

You are **so **right. Thanks for that. :smiley: I knew it was “something-shanks.” And the look on Nathan’s face when Will says that: priceless!

God, that was a funny episode, and Miguel Ferrer was a *perfect *asshole. I’m going to have to find that episode on Hulu and watch it again.

You are one of my favorite Dopers, and not just because of your name. But you already knew that, right? :wink:

I loved his voice: sounded just like his dad.

Trivia: On his mother’s side his family (including George Clooney) are among the closest relatives to Abraham Lincoln. They descend from Lincoln’s mother Nancy Hanks’s sister. Lincoln’s parents’ direct descendants died out in the 1980s, so cousins are the closest modern relations left. Not that he or Clooney look particularly like No. 16.

“What kind of two-bit operation are you running out of this tree-house?”

Too soon!

Wow. Didn’t recognize the name, but when I saw the face I could instantly name 15 things I’ve seen him in. Including Project: Alf.

George Clooney’s statement on behalf of the family:

“Today history will mark giant changes in our world, and lost to most will be that on the same day Miguel Ferrer lost his battle to throat cancer. But not lost to his family. Miguel made the world brighter and funnier, and his passing is felt so deeply in our family that events of the day (monumental events) pale in comparison. We love you, Miguel. We always will.”