Miguel Ferrer RIP

I’m not a regular NCIS watcher but when I caught a glimpse of him on the show I thought he looked very sick. He seemed to have kept it a secret from the public.

He voiced the main villain, Shan Yu, in Disney’s Mulan.

My husband (who never misses NCIS in any of its forms) mentioned that Granger was looking pretty gaunt way back the last time he was on.

“If black powder were brains, that guy couldn’t blow his nose.”

Yeah, something seemed to be wrong with his voice in the last few NCIS episodes. I guess this explains it. RIP.

This past season, there were several scenes suggesting that Ferrer’s character, Granger, was terminally ill. I wonder now if Ferrer’s real sickness was being paralleled in the scripts… as if they were getting ready for Ferrer’s departure.