"Mike" Bloomberg Presidential campaign, 2020

I just saw a “Mike” Bloomberg ad where he claimed he has stood up to “this administration”. When? He left office as mayor before Individual 1 took office.

I think there’s very little more telling of the state of modern American politics than a billionaire starting his campaign by spending more on ads than anyone ever had… from his own pockets, without significantly impacting his own wealth, explicitly to fight against people on the left who want him to pay more taxes.

To which there really is only one response that I can dignify this with. Starts with a “G”, looks sharp on billionaires.


I was going with Gucci but sure, that works too.

If he wanted a centrist candidate, his timing could not possibly have been worse. Buttigieg was just catching fire and was tied with Sanders and Warren to win at 23% on PredictiT. Now Buttigieg is down to 18% last I looked. I like Bloomberg but he’s an idiot to split off the centrist vote from Buttigieg at the moment.

Its hard to take Butigieg seriously. He has never gotten more than 10,991 votes in an election.

OK, Republican talking point.

Trump had 0 votes before he got elected. As did Bloomberg for Mayor. I trust prediction markets over polls and those had him dead even at the top

I was thinking “Guillotine”.:eek:

Do you want to see a room full of staffers dancing to a song called “Moves Like Bloomberg”?

Probably not, but if you do: https://twitter.com/nickciarelli/status/1205354210465742848

He’s running plenty of ads on TV here in NC. I see them as I fast forward past them on recorded shows. :slight_smile:

I hope he becomes the Democratic candidate because of none of the rest of them have a chance. Their reaction to him joining the race is the proof of that.

It’s hard to take the US Senate seriously. No bill has ever gotten more than 100 votes.

In case you didn’t know, this was satire.

Who is his voting base?

My impression is black people don’t really like him due to things like stop and frisk.

Liberals don’t really like him due to the fact that he is just running to oppose Sanders & Warren’s progressive taxes on wealth and income.

Liberals and blacks make up nearly 3/4 of all democratic voters when combined. How is he going to win a primary?

I do worry that lots of billionaires will fund 3rd party runs and fund the GOP to stop the democrats if Warren or Sanders is the nominee.

Then again, NYC is full of black people and liberals and he won the mayoral race there.

To add to that: Libertarians and many Republicans dislike him because he’s a nanny-statist who never saw a problem that couldn’t be solved by making something illegal.

He;s an opportunist who’s only a Democrat when it benefits him. Just like Bernie.

And even more, the political junkies that have been following this from the beginning don’t like people like Steyer or Bloomberg who jump in late and eschew the usual retail politics of primary campaigns.

It may seem hokey to have to meet with people at a county fair in Iowa or a diner in NH, but I want the President to remember those faces when s/he has to get on tv to respond to a terror attack that killed thousands, a massive hurricane causing destruction of thousands of homes, or that s/he wants to send troops off to war.

Bloomberg and Steyer look like two jewellery companies jumping in with advertising during the Christmas through Valentines time frame.

He’s on TV more than Law and Order reruns.

Isn’t Bloomberg the Nannystate doofus that wanted to ban Big Gulp sodas? His stance on guns is disqualifying for me anyway, but
the soda thing was annoying.