Mike Ditka for Senator?????

I don’t live in Illinois, so I have no stake in this election. Still, I’d like to know if anybody knows anything about Coach’s politics.

Or does that no longer matter in a post-Arnold world?

Yes, I know Governor Schwarzenegger is hardly the first person elected to a major political office on the basis of his/her celebrity.

“If Dikka was runnin for Senate against a Demmacrat, who would win?”


“OK, but…what if it was a Demmacrat NAMED Dikka?”

I take it he’s running as a Republican?

I can see it now… “a vote for Ditka is a vote against erectile dysfunction”.

If he runs, yes but as yet he hasn’t announced that he’s running at all. At the moment there is nothing more than a petition to draft him as the Republican candidate to replace the ousted Jack Ryan.


He has not been formally approached by the GOP and apparently there are some issues about the reality of a Ditka candindacy.

Speaking as a lifetime Chicagoan and lifetime Bears fan, Mike Ditka has descended into buffoonery over the past several years. His political views can be categorized as neanderthal at best. Sure, he would bring some energy and entertainment to the race, but he would easily lose to Obama by 25 points . But then again, so would any other Republican in Illinois right now.

good evening friends,

here in nebraska we have sent retired coach tom osborne (nebraska cornhuskers football team) to the house of representatives for the last two terms. last election he received something like 93% of the vote. the governor is precluded by state term limits to run for another term, so the discussion is that coach tom will be our next governor.

i guess we get the government we deserve

“Ok… so how 'bout Ditka against da entire House 'Propriation Committee… who’d win dat?”


“Yah… defnitly Ditka.”

Here’s a cite that’d double as a nice campaign poster for him. :wink:

“So, Coach. You are ready to make the tough decisions that have great bearing on our common future?”

“Oh, sure, you betcha.”

“Your decisions are sound?”


“… Ricky Williams?”

Is that a full-size Ditka or a Mini-Ditka?

Okay, so s’pose Ditka ran against Jordan? Who’d win then?

I’m pretty sure even Mini Ditka could beat the late Barbara Jordan. Not too sure if Ashcroft could do it, though.

I just keep picturing Coach Mike giving his opponent a forearm shiver to the jaw during a TV debate, and I’m wondering if his poll numbers would go up as a result. :dubious: