Mike Martin is the all-time wins leader (NCAA Baseball)

The last couple of years have been very frustrating as a 'Nole fan. I really thought that once Mike got the record, he would ride off into the sunset after a yeoman’s job of bringing FSU up to the elite level of college ball, but now I’m hearing rumors that he’ll stay on for one more year to reach 2,000 and then hit the showers of life. Still what he has done for FSU’s baseball can’t be understated. All of Mike’s 1,976 wins have come at FSU (coach since 1980).

Current active streaks for the 'Noles:
40 consecutive post-season appearances
40 consecutive 40+ win seasons (with 2 60+, and 24 50+ win seasons in there).
Never had a losing season - ever.

Congrats, #11!
P.S., if FSU hires his son to replace him, I quit.